Meghan markle gossip

Meghan markle gossip

Queen Elizabeth has not "disowned" and "booted" Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the royal family, despite a new report. Gossip Cop has the truth.

Queen Elizabeth “Booted” Prince Harry, Meghan Markle From Royal Family?

By Gossip Cop Staff | 12:57 am, March 30, 2019

Has Queen Elizabeth “disowned” and “booted” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the royal family? That’s the premise of a cover story from one of this week’s magazines. Gossip Cop, however, can correct this absurd report.

The front page of the National Enquirer declares, “Royal Family Disowns Harry & Meghan!” It also asserts the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been “banished to Malta” by the queen, who’s “fed-up” with them. Inside the supermarket tabloid, it’s immediately claimed the two have been “booted out of the royal family” because of their “behavior,” “disregard for protocol,” and “tension” with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The magazine then maintains it’s the only outlet in the world to have learned how “Her Majesty secretly summoned both couples to her private quarters, and raked Meghan and Harry over the coals.” And to make its tale sound legitimate, the often discredited publication quotes a so-called “palace aide” as saying, “Her Majesty was incensed” by a variety of issues Markle allegedly has caused,” and without warning “Meghan and Harry got the shock of their lives, because the queen disowned them both right on the spot.”

But that’s not all. The tabloid’s supposed tipster adds that Queen Elizabeth “banished the couple from Britain and ordered them into exile on the remote Mediterranean island of Malta. The purported “aide” notes Prince William and Middleton were “stunned,” but agree with the queen’s decision to throw his brother and sister-in-law out of the country. And in an attempt to lend credence to its story, the magazine bizarrely include a picturesque photo of Malta, along with a caption about how Markle and Prince Harry have been “ordered” to live there.

Next, a “palace insider” relates that after being tossed out of the royal family, “Meghan was so angry, she threw her ring at Harry.” The outlet then points out how “Meghan’s diamond engagement sparkler was not on her finger during an official visit to London’s Canada House.” Following that observation, the same unnamed and seemingly made-up “source” concludes Markle and Prince Harry are “headed for the rocks.”

The rest of the article is filled with a slew of untrue claims about why basically everyone in the family has had enough of the redheaded royal and and his bride, and how Prince Harry and Prince William have “vowed to never speak again.” Towards the end of the piece, the alleged “royal aide” states Prince Charles even scolded his youngest son, telling Prince Harry, “You’re not part of this family any longer.”

There’s so much provably false information in the tabloid’s cover story it’s hard to know where to start. Among the many issues is the magazine offers no details whatsoever about when this supposed meeting at the Queen’s “private quarters” took place. Presumably, it was before March 11 when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were at Canada House. That, of course, brings up the question of why if they’ve been “banished” and “booted out of the royal family” are they still living in the U.K. and performing royal functions?

The very next night, Prince Harry will join Prince William and Prince Charles for the Netflix premiere of Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary Our Planet at London’s Natural History Museum. The publication makes no mention of Prince Harry going to the screening with his brother and father, who it insists told the younger royal he was “not part” of the family anymore. Much like a number of its previous tales about the royals, it’s clear virtually every aspect of the tabloid’s new article is a lie, and talk of Markle and Prince Harry being exiled to Malta is a complete fabrication.

Simply, the Enquirer routinely publishes falsehoods about the royal family, while ignoring its past errors. Curiously, for example, the magazine doesn’t explain how Her Majesty was clearheaded enough earlier this month to banish Markle and Prince Harry when just a few weeks ago it swore up and down Queen Elizabeth has “dementia,” and made Prince William and Middleton the next king and queen . Actually, maybe the publication has memory problems since 11 months before that article, Gossip Cop had already busted the same outlet when it had similarly printed another bogus cover story which wrongly contended Prince William and Middleton were crowned king and queen in a “secret succession” plot .


Meghan markle gossip


Meghan markle gossip

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