Aug 7 2017

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Practice Management Control Center

Simplify coding and charge entry, while avoiding costly mistakes with Central’s Billing app. It takes the stress out of preparing claims by auto-populating fields and providing built-in tools like diagnosis and CPT code lookups. An advanced collection of billing rules and real-time error alerts are built into the workflow to prevent mistakes, so you can prepare claims quickly and accurately.

Get paid faster and spend less time chasing down payments by sending cleaner claims. After you post charges in the Billing app, this app applies up-to-date billing rules to identify issues before submission, so you get more claims paid on the first attempt. When claims are ready, you simply move them to the app’s outbox for automated nightly submission.

Keep accurate track of your payments and spot issues fast with a central remittance repository. Central features comprehensive capabilities that automatically post electronic remittance advice (ERAs) to patient accounts, while providing you with an easy, seamless way to scan and process paper-based explanation of benefits (EOBs). With all of these stored and linked to specific patients, you maintain full account histories and can quickly pull up details when patients have questions.


Managing insurance payments and following up on denials has never been easier than with CareCloud Central. Central automatically moves denied claims into this app and goes a step further by indicating the reason for each denial. Claims without responses also automatically appear in this app after a period of time, so you can follow up with payers. Powerful capabilities allow you to isolate payer denials and no-response claims — by payer, age, denial reasons and more — giving you immediate visibility into the status of claims across your organization.

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