Apr 27 2017

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Medical Insurance

Make the most of your benefits 

One of the State of Colorado’s goals is to provide employees with cost-effective, high-quality health care. T he FY 2015-16 Employee Benefits Guide will provide you with an overview of your benefits plan options for the upcoming fiscal year, beginning on July 1, 2015.

FY 2015–16 Plan Year  (July 1, 2015–June 30, 2016)

Medical Plan Cost Comparison  

FY 2015–16 Plan Year (July 1, 2015–June 30, 2016)

Copayment Plans

Copayment plans offer a set copay for most health care services. A copayment, or copay, is the flat amount you pay at the time of a medical service or to receive a medication. Each health insurance option has set copay fees—these fees are printed on your health insurance card.

Copayment Plan Design:

  • Higher monthly premium or monthly rate you pay for health insurance
  • Set copayments (or copays) for most health care service

High-Deductible Health Plans

High-deductible health plans are designed to help keep premium costs low for you and your family.

High-Deductible Health Plan Design:

  • Lower monthly premium or monthly rate you pay for health insurance  Higher deductibles or the amount you pay before insurance begins to pay the majority of health care costs

Preventive Services

Regardless of your health insurance plan, all preventive care services are covered at little or no out-of-pocket cost to you.

  • Annual physical exams (e.g. wellwoman, well-child exams etc.)
  • Preventive Cancer Screenings 
  • Preventive Mammograms
  • Biometric screenings (e.g. cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, etc.)
  • Flu Shots and other immunizations
  • Diabetes Prevention Program 

And, more! Please see the following resources and your health insurance plan for a complete list of preventive services.

Employee Resources 


Division of Human Resources

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