May 18 2018

Medical Billing – Coding Certification Classes Online

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Medical Billing and Coding Undergraduate Certificate

The healthcare industry depends on skilled, qualified medical insurance biller and coders to accurately record, register and track patient accounts. Recently, the United States has changed from the International Classification of Diseases version 9 (ICD-9) coding standards to ICD-10 standards – DeVry has kept pace with this change and offers courses that can prepare you for the new disease classifications. Earn an undergraduate certificate in Medical Billing and Coding from DeVry University to help prepare for this evolving industry.

All students enrolled in site-based programs will be required to take some coursework online and, for some programs and locations, a substantial portion of the program may be required to be completed online.

Undergraduate Certificate Medical Billing and Coding

Certificate Completion Requirements

  • Program Coursework

    Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab

    Fundamentals of Pathophysiology

    Pharmacology and Medical Treatment

    Introduction to Health Services and Information Systems

    Current Procedural Terminology Coding with Lab

    Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab

    This course provides a “road map” perspective of human body structure and function. Topics include cell structure and function, and a survey of all major systems of the human body. The connections and inter-working relationships among systems are introduced. Lab work includes computer exercises and simulation activities, as well as observation related to topics covered.

    Fundamentals of Pathophysiology

    Students develop a foundational knowledge of the pathogenesis and clinical manifestation of disease in order to work effectively with health data and communicate with healthcare providers. Medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and mechanisms of human disease are integrated at a basic level of understanding. Students apply knowledge to examples and practice scenarios involving the classification and analysis of disease states.

    Pharmacology and Medical Treatment

    This course surveys indications for the use of commonly prescribed pharmaceutical treatments. Terminology and classifications of drugs and their effects on human body systems are reviewed. Uses of surgical interventions and non-drug therapeutic treatments are also explored, in the context of addressing patient diagnoses and conditions. Students apply knowledge gained to practice examples.

    Introduction to Health Services and Information Systems

    This course covers history, organization and current issues in the U.S. healthcare delivery system. Interrelationships among system components and care providers are explored. Licensing, accrediting and regulatory compliance activities are discussed, as are the importance of financial and quality management, safety and security, and the role of health information professionals. The evolution, major application types and emerging trends in health information systems are explored.

    Current Procedural Terminology Coding with Lab

    Knowledge of clinical classification systems is expanded through presentation of principles of current procedural terminology (CPT-4 or most current version), used to code procedures performed by healthcare providers. Through practice exercises, students assign procedure codes and apply guidelines for assignment of evaluation and management (E/M) codes and modifiers to case examples. The purpose and use of the healthcare common procedure coding system (HCPCS) are reviewed. Application of coding principles to an electronic record system is explored.

    Why Get Started at DeVry?

    Whether you are looking to get started in healthcare as a medical coder or biller, or if you plan to eventually pursue a bachelor’s degree, a certificate in Medical Billing and Coding can be the first step.

    • Use Medical Billing and Coding as a stepping stone to a more advanced opportunities
    • DeVry University offers the flexibility of online courses
    • Our team of career services professionals at DeVry University consistently engages with employers to help our graduates with their career search
    • DeVry University is committed to offer you the highest quality of education and student care to help ensure the successful completion of your program

    Certified Coding Associate (CCA®) Exams

    The knowledge and skills embedded in the Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding can help to provide students with a basis for taking external industry certification exams, including the Certified Coding Associate exam.

    The CCA designation has been a nationally accepted standard of achievement in the health information management (HIM) field since 2002. The CCA credential distinguishes coders by exhibiting commitment and demonstrating coding competencies and professional capability across all settings, including both hospitals and physician practices.

    Because we support your goals in the Medical Billing and Coding field, DeVry will pay for one CCA certification exam per eligible student. Before taking the exam, Medical Billing Coding program applicants may elect to take the Coding Practicum and Review course at no tuition charge. While this course is not required for the program and does not award any credit hours, the course is designed to help prepare students for the CCA exam. Talk to your Student Support Advisor for details, prerequisites and eligibility requirements.

    Take the Tech Path

    Want to learn how to navigate today’s tech-infused, dynamic and interconnected workplaces? Take the Tech Path. Specially designed to help you gain the kinds of applied tech skills that are crucial in more and more companies today 1. each Tech Path class is powered by a learning rubric developed at DeVry called People-Process-Data-Devices, or P2D2. And because we believe Tech Path is so important for our students and for helping to close the applied tech skills gap in this country, we’re offering our Tech Path associates and bachelor’s degree programs to new students at a 20% savings 2 .

    1 Exploring America’s Tech Skills Gap and the Parallel Deficits of Applied Tech Skills and Hard Tech Skills, by The Career Advisory Board:

    2 Tech Path Associate and Bachelor’s degree programs are offered to new students at the cost of $487 per credit hour, which is 20% lower than our Non Tech Path rate at $609. 20% savings is applicable to those who apply after 4/21/2017. New Tech Path pricing savings do not apply to certificate programs.


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