Sep 13 2017

Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship (Online)

“In many companies today, ideas often fade when the champion goes away or the business changes. In this program, you’ll learn how to develop a pipeline of competitive advantages so that as one fades you’ve got the next one ready to launch.”
Professor Rita McGrath, the program’s Faculty Director

Hear from Faculty Director Rita McGrath with an introduction on the program.

According to a recent McKinsey survey, 86% of senior executives believe that innovation is critical, and 80% think that their business models are going to undergo significant threats in the near term. Yet only 6% report feeling confident about their organization’s ability to innovate.

Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship is an online program that provides executives with the concepts, tools, and application opportunities to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of their efforts to create new businesses from within their firms .

The program is offered in three parts that can be taken individually or as a series and address the three central challenges of corporate entrepreneurship:

Ideation: How to find great ideas; Incubation: How to develop those ideas into a business; Acceleration: How to launch this new business so that it can merge successfully with the corporate parent.


Date: October 30 December 18, 2017
Tuition: $2,489

Ideation focuses on rapidly finding and vetting great ideas. You’ll learn important concepts such as looking at ways your organization can be a disruptive player and ways to challenge existing orthodoxies. This part will also provide you with insights into the ways innovative companies have successfully unleashed inspiration in their own organizations and how they have dealt with risk.


Date: TBA
Tuition: $2,489

Incubation equips you with the tools for nurturing your corporate entrepreneurship, creating a learning plan, and initiating the prototyping phase. You will learn how Design Thinking can help you solve complex problem, receive best practices for A/B testing, and create an action plan for in-market experiences with your prototype. You’ll walk away with valuable insights into failing intelligently and prepared for a successful venture launch back at the office.


Date: TBA
Tuition: $2,489

Acceleration will provide you with a powerful tool kit for innovation proficiency. You’ll start the program by identifying your entry strategy. Next, you’ll learn how to make critical decisions on pricing, promotional budget, and relationships with ecosystem partners. Finally, you’ll tackle the resource question, evaluate your launch team, and develop a strong set of external assets.

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The program is designed for professionals and executives who need to develop the language, skills, behaviors, and capabilities of mastering corporate entrepreneurship.

Because it is offered in three parts – ideation, incubation, acceleration – that can be taken individually or as a series, some will want to begin with the very first course on finding great ideas and follow through the entire series. Others may already have a great idea but need to learn more about incubation and prototyping. Others still may have a project they believe is ready for the marketplace and want to develop scaling skills.

This program is ideal for individuals who have a role to play in an innovation effort. They will be asked to work on a project that they are currently involved in. They will be grouped with other participants with individual cases. The work that will be done in the program is intended to be extremely practical and hands-on, with the result that as participants move through the segments they will be generating real value, with concrete business outcomes to be able to demonstrate at the conclusion of each module.

The program is also designed for participants who might not be part of an organizational innovation team but would still like to gain the skills and capabilities taught in this program. This might be because they are jumping into a project mid-stream and have to come up to speed. In these cases, the participants will be working with case studies intended to help them master various program elements.

Hear from Past Participants:

Senior Consultatnt at CGI

“The course was a great opportunity to not only develop my knowledge, but to also apply learnings right away in my day-to-day business activities within the consulting company that I work for.”

General Manager at Arqueodoceo, Lda

“Change your beliefs about corporate entrepreneurship and be ready to innovate!”

Senior Manager in the management consulting industry

“I recommend this program to executives who have the vision of bringing their organization forward by embracing new technologies and the ever-changing startup environment. The learnings gained in this course have equipped me with techniques and tools that influence my decisions and approaches in pursuing new opportunities with more confidence.”

“Excellent program on innovation strategy and management. I highly recommend it!”

Business Analyst, Innovation at MAS Intimates

“This was my first online course and it has been a great learning experience. The content was rich, precise, and to the point. Rita was very elaborative in her lectures. Every lesson was practical and easily applicable to my field of work.”

Senior Consultant at CGI Deutschland Ltd. Co. KG

“I am very glad to have joined Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship (Online). The course provided valuable insights along with great tools for how to drive innovation and cultivate an innovative mindset at your organization. The learnings really helped me master the challenges of our company’s innovation journey. I look forward to continuing the learning experience by taking parts two and three of the program on Incubation and Acceleration.”

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