Oct 2 2016

Massachusetts Law about Real Estate #punta #gorda #real #estate

#real estate law


Massachusetts Laws

MGL c.183 Conveyances by Deed, Mortgage Discharge

MGL c.183B Time Shares

MGL c.184 General Provisions Relative to Real Property

Selected Case Law

Generally, a seller has no duty to disclose problems with the property. “Such nondisclosure does not amount to fraud and is not a conventional tort of any kind.” Concealment by a seller in “the simple sense of failure to reveal, with nothing to show any peculiar duty to speak,” is not the same as misrepresentation.

The “closing or settlement of real property conveyances requires not only the presence but the substantive participation of an attorney on behalf of the mortgage lender, and that certain services connected with real property conveyances constituted the practice of law in Massachusetts.” Outlines what constitutes unauthorized practice of law in real estate transactions.

Web Sources

Buying Real Estate

Describes the basics of buying a home in Massachusetts

  • Buying a Second Home. Nolo, 2009
    Includes costs and other issues to consider, including buying with others, or renting it out. Requires Library Card for access .
  • Essential Guide for First-Time Homeowners. Nolo, 2008

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