Mar 5 2018

Marine Careers Day and Registration, marine careers.#Marine #careers

Ocean Pals Presents the Marine Careers Program For High School and College Students

Marine careers

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March 24th, 2017

School groups, please register with the Director:

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Marine careers


Beneath the Sea, founded in 1976, conducts an annual 3-day expo offering the public over 80 seminars and 400 exhibitors providing the latest in scientific and environmental research relating to the underwater ecosystem. Ocean Pals was created ten years later as a model of education for youth.

Marine Careers, a division of Ocean Pals, was founded in 2008 at Beneath the Sea to stimulate young adults to pursue a marine career. It is a free educational program offered during the exposition, staffed by committed volunteers, that provides interested high school juniors, seniors, and college students with information about marine careers and how to structure a marine-related career path.

We impart this information in several different ways. The award-winning professional men and women who come to Beneath the Sea are uniquely qualified to inspire, encourage and guide students to reach their potential by providing personal advice and insights into what it takes to have a successful marine career in a variety of fields. In addition to listening and interacting with speakers, students experience learning success and build confidence by developing competencies in areas such as completing scholarship applications with professional scholarship judges, and performing complex commercial diving tasks under professional direction in a simulated workshop setting. Our exhibitors are selected to provide students with current information on a variety of academic and vocational programs, as well as available scholarships, internships and jobs. Students are then invited to enter the exposition area.

Throughout the year, we reach out to our target audience by making presentations about our program at various schools, organizations and professional conferences in order to further our mission. The Marine Careers program at Beneath the Sea is the only program of its kind in existence today. We strive to incorporate standards of excellence to provide a model program that others will recognize and want to emulate.

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