Jul 11 2017

Luxury Cars Buyers Guide – 2016 Luxury Car Prices, Reviews and Specs #car #lease

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2015 Luxury Cars Buyers Guide

The luxury market is getting bigger and better with more offerings in various segments for 2016. There are also numerous models getting major updates for the 2016 model year while some automakers are expanding new additions to their lineups.

What’s New for Luxury Cars This Year?

In 2015, we saw several luxury automakers step into the crossover and SUV segment. Jaguar for example, unveiled the production F-Pace while the Bentley Bentayga made its official debut. In addition, Range Rover introduced an Evoque convertible model while the Tesla Model X finally went into production and into the hands of customers.

For 2016, we ll be treated with Hyundai s new luxury Genesis sub-brand, with the G90 replacing the outgoing Equus. Compact crossover shoppers can also check out the Infiniti QX30, which made its debut at the 2015 L.A. Auto Show.

Then there is of course, the Alfa Romeo Giulia that will be available in a Quadrifoglio model packing 505 horsepower from a Ferrari-sourced 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 engine. With a price tag of around $70,000 and touting the Nurburgring record for production four-door sedan, the Giulia could be the luxury sports car enthusiasts will flock to.

Other models have gotten some minor updates, like the Mercedes-Benz SL that received a facelift in time for the 2015 L.A. Auto Show. Mercedes will follow it up with the debut of the new E-Class sedan, while Volvo continues its resurgence with a new S90 model.

Cadillac will usher in a new series of crossovers in 2016, starting with its new XT5. The Porsche Panamera will also get a redesign while Macan shoppers can now opt for the GTS model sporting 360 hp.

All eyes will be on Lexus as it is expected to revive the SC nameplate with a luxury coupe model. Prototypes have been spied testing worldwide in 2015, so it is more than likely that the Japanese automaker will finally introduce something in 2016.

What’s coming?

Expect to see Volvo expand its lineup quickly this year, as well as Aston Martin who is looking to continue building on its recent success. Both Mercedes-Benz and BMW will refresh additional models in their lineup, while Audi will introduce its hot TT RS to the world. In terms of tech, this year will be a big year with more semi-autonomous driving functions heading to production cars. Now that Tesla s autopilot mode has been integrated into the Model S, other automakers will follow with their own versions as we get closer to more self-driving cars.

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