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May 28 2017

Luxury Adventure Travel Company: Custom Adventure Tours #cheap #tickets #and #hotel

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Adventure Travel

Luxury, Custom Adventure Tours

Adventure Travel Tours

“Conservancies are the future of Africa. There is no stronger example of the conservation model put to use in southern Africa than in Botswana and Namibia. From the intentional cap on the number of visitors through pricing in Botswana, to the constitutional amendment for sustainability in Namibia, southern Africa is facing a new frontier for remote safaris. The open ranges of northern Namibia, where the real Namibia can be found, to northern Botswana’s Selinda Spillway, where you witness the lesser-known zebra migration offer a different view to than the crowds of Chobe experience.” Ashish Sanghrajka

“There are so many choices across so many spectrums to see Australia and New Zealand. In 2003, our CEO and founder, Mahen, asked me to launch Australia and New Zealand. My first visit to the region left me, well, disappointing, and feeling that the journey was contrived. What I saw in the luxury realm was simply the same bus tour routes adapted with luxury hotels. Like you, I crave authenticity, and that sense of personal discovery. Over the next 13 years, my team and I worked to develop a sustainable product for the region. It was really a lot of fun doing the research and the countless visits led to epiphany after epiphany. We redefined the idea of luxury travel in Australia and New Zealand. What resulted is an authentic journey that fits our model of sustainability as well as provides you with an exceptional experience.” Ashish Sanghrajka

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