Sep 13 2017

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LPN Bridge programs

there is a good online program for LPN to RN’s in Ohio but you would still have to live in this state because you have to travel to a specific location in ohio for clinicals once a week. other than that the only online one I know of is the college network/excelsior type stuff. be weary of these though, please do read reviews negative and positive. All I had to do was spend an hour researching these type of programs and I had my mind made up.

Unfortunately I’ve never heard of any other program besides Excelsior due to the extensive clinical requirement in obtaining your RN. I just graduated from a live LPN to RN program and it was really rigorous. A coworker of mine did Excelsior and she was very disciplined (I am not) but it was incredibly expensive between the tuition, books, cost of exams and then traveling to NY for the clinical requirements at the end of the program. I decided I’d rather knock it all out in 3 semesters in person and saved up so I could work part time while doing so. Glad it’s finally over, best of luck to you in whatever you decide.

First of all, the hospital from which I retired from will NOT accept any online degrees for positions that require that degree. no online BSNs,MSNs or PhDs are accepted. Second, online learning has its place, but there are some things that you simply need a real teacher for in a real setting. Online schools often prey on folks who wish to further their education but who lack time to do so. STAY AWAY from places like the College Network which is not a college, but a predatory scam. Stay away from the University of Phoenix or any for profit school as they are very expensive and have a questionable reputation. Find a local community college or four year traditional school which has experience with adult learners where you won’t break the bank and get a good education.

Thank U. All these comments have made up my mind. I am a hands on person. I respect LPN’s. But How can you LEARN tp Nurse Like a RN UNLESS you are really there and hands on Oh, YOU CANNOT. I thank all you amazing Nurses for the advice!

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