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Apr 13 2019

Low Rate Mastercard

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Low Rate Mastercard, NEF2.COM

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Low Rate Mastercard®

$3 per transaction

Cash advance overseas

using Global ATM Alliance ATMs

$0 Transaction fees do not apply when using ATMs within the Global ATM Alliance in the respective country shown. Institutions participating in the Global ATM Alliance are subject to change but currently include Deutsche Bank (Germany), Bank of America (United States), Scotiabank (Canada), Barclays Bank (United Kingdom), BNP Paribas (France), Westpac (Australia) and Westpac (New Zealand).The NZ$3 international transaction fee saving applies to Westpac customers only, and is subject to change. All other international and standard fees apply including foreign currency conversion fees apply – see the a href= target= _blank Transaction and Service Fees brochure /a or a href= target= _blank Business Transaction and Service Fees brochure /a for details.

using other ATMs or at bank branches

NZ$3 per transaction Note: An ATM service fee may be charged by the ATM provider.

Late payment fee

$12 per late payment

Card over limit
Applies where you exceed your account credit limit during any statement period.

Courier costs where applicable

Foreign currency fee

2.50% of NZD converted value of foreign currency transaction amount When you use your Westpac credit card to make an overseas transaction, you ll pay a foreign currency fee. This is currently 2.5% of the New Zealand dollar converted value of the foreign currency transaction amount. A foreign currency conversion fee is applied to purchases, cash withdrawals and any fees and charges in a foreign currency incurred by you from the overseas merchant or merchant bank for that transaction.

Westpac’s credit card lending criteria applies to all applications and transfers. Westpac’s Credit Card Conditions of Use will apply.

*Available 6 March 2017 – 30 June 2017, subject to any extension or withdrawal at Westpac’s discretion without further notice. Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers other than a balance transfer offer. Customers who have held a Westpac Low Rate Mastercard within the past 18 months are ineligible for the offer on a new card of the same type as previously held. After 2 years, the annual account fee for the applicable card at that time applies.

^ Interest free days do not apply when you have taken up one of our balance transfer offers and have not paid off the balance transferred in full during the statement period.

**Available until 26th June 2017. Westpac reserves the right to extend the offer beyond that closing date. After 12 months the standard purchase interest rate at that date (which may be higher than the current rate) will apply to transferred balances. All applications are subject to Westpac approval. Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions and lending criteria apply. You cannot transfer a balance from a Westpac card or loan. Payments made to your Westpac credit card will be applied against balance transfers (until paid in full) before cash advances and new purchases, but after charges and interest that have accrued. Interest rates shown are current as at 1 May 2017 and are subject to change without notice. All new purchases, cash advances and any unpaid interest or fees will incur interest at the standard interest rate in accordance with the card’s Conditions of Use. Balances cannot be transferred to a Mastercard BusinessCard/Purchasing Card. Balance transfers do not earn Airpoints Dollars™ or hotpoints.

1 The NZ$3 international transaction fee saving applies to Westpac customers only, and is subject to change. All other international and standard fees apply including foreign currency conversion fees – refer to the Transaction and Service fees brochure details. Global ATM Alliance banks and their details are subject to change.

2 Provided you notify us as soon as possible, have not acted fraudulently or negligently and have complied with the card’s Conditions of Use.

If you only make the minimum payment each month, you will pay more interest and it will take you longer to pay off the unpaid balance.

Mastercard and its brand mark are registered trade marks of Mastercard International Incorporated. Westpac New Zealand Limited.

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