Nov 13 2016

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Los Angeles Car Rental

Los Angeles boasts glitz and glamour, an impressive foodie scene, and cutting edge art and culture. Start with a visit to the Griffith Observatory, where you can see downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the Pacific Ocean right in front of you.

For a little culture, take a trip to the Getty and soak in the huge antique art collection, lush gardens, and beautiful architecture. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art also has an impressive art collection, trending toward bold contemporary pieces. If music is your jam, head over to the Walt Disney Concert Hall for a Los Angeles Philharmonic performance.

For a fun family side trip, check out one of Los Angeles’s theme parks. Six Flags has all the giant roller coasters you can stomach, and Universal Studios features themed rides for all ages.

When you’re hungry, there’s plenty of healthy fare and junk food to keep you satisfied. Stay nourished with a legendary fast food In-N-Out burger.

The city’s grid-oriented streets may be easy to navigate, but you’re bound to run into at least one traffic jam or even total gridlock, depending on the neighborhood and time of day. When the going gets slow, there’s plenty of people-watching to keep you entertained.

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