Sep 25 2017

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ARINCDirect FOS, the most complete in aviation software

ARINCDirect FOS for Windows is the most complete software for making Quotes, Scheduling Crew Aircraft and Managing Crew Flight Records. No aviation software can match the speed, functionality and ease of use of ARINCDirect FOS, a powerful client/server (both LAN and WAN support) or PC (single user) application that meets the needs of the most demanding flight department. ARINCDirect FOS truly represents the next generation in aviation (flight operations) software.

Improve your operations

As manager of a dynamic company, it goes without saying that you want access to information on your performance and results at every moment of the day. ARINCDirect FOS offers all possible management information in virtually any form you like. Export data to your own systems or use Crystal Reports to create your own reports. With a single touch of a button you can generate all the overviews you need, and it s just as simple to send reports using the integrated e-mail function.

ARINCDirect FOS manages all your important business information securely using a number of easy-reference modules. Whether it s customer details, passengers personal preferences or contact details for sellers or suppliers, ARINCDirect FOS bundles all your information into a single system. Naturally, you determine which information you make accessible to employees, using personal security rights. Let ARINCDirect FOS meet all your customer, crew training and maintenance management needs.

Unique features of our Flight Operations Software

  • Automatic imports of inquiries made via Avinode or CharterX
  • No redundant data entry anymore throughout your whole company
  • With interactive electronic schedule board
  • No limits on number of users, aircraft, aircraft types, trips, passengers, etc.
  • Quotes ALL Selected Aircraft at the same time including Margin
  • Quoting and Invoicing for Own, Managed and Brokered Aircraft
  • Very flexible Aircraft Rates Including effective dates and Alternate rates for positioning flights
  • Customer and Client Profiles including management of preferences
  • Comprehensive additional costs (may be airport and aircraft type specific)
  • Airport dependent costs (e.g. landing fees that are Aircraft Type dependent)
  • Contract Fuel Price import to airport fuel price database
  • Third party interface with PPS, Jeppesen, Wyvern, Argus, CORRIDOR , AvTrak, Camp and many more
  • Web, FAX Email Interface
  • Open access to report library of over 1,500 reports
  • Automatic export to Company Intranet
  • Web, FAX Email Interface
  • Open access to report library of over 1,500 reports
  • Worldwide Landing Facilities including Worldwide Daylight Savings Time
  • Worldwide Airport data available including FBO s, Hotels, Ground Transportation and Catering)
  • All world wide named places (over 2 million)
  • Flight times adjusted by seasonal equivalent wind calculated from latest available wind data
  • Simultaneous use of GMT, Home Base Times and Local Times
  • Handles augmented crews, split flight and duty times, split takeoff/landing. etc.
  • Interface for filing APIS using UN/EDIFACT format
  • Complete aircraft CASS system tracking including MEL’S
  • Automated Checklists to track all “to-do” items by trip or leg
  • Automatic Email alerts for Maintenance, Checklist, and Training items
  • Complete checking of flight time limitations and rest time requirements
  • Comprehensive management of Safety and Service issues
  • Complete Audit Trail showing all changes including who made them and when
  • PDA Integration (Windows mobile, iPhone, Blackberry, Android)
  • Automatic export to Company Intranet

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