May 17 2017

List Of Rental Car Companies #cheap #rent #a #car

#rental car companies

List Of Rental Car Companies

Car rental companies are companies that lease you a car if you are traveling or need a replacement while yours is in the shop. The big three are Enterprise holdings, Hertz and the Avis Budget Group. Hertz is the most well known, and in the travel market, it remains the largest. However, as seen in the Attitude ranked list below, the largest car rental company actually is Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which dominates the local rental market. Often if your car is being repaired, your car insurance company will send you over to Enterprise for the replacement car while yours is being repaired.

For the longest time, Avis touted that they were number two in the market, and trying harder. However, now Avis comes in at number three. Why is that? They may actually be second in the travel rentals like when you pick up a car at the airport or train station. But, as with Hertz, Enterprise again sneaks in at a surprising number one.

The following listing includes our proprietary Attitude ranking, in which we have ranked the companies based on various data points to determine their relative sizes in the market. Among the factors considered are revenues, number of offices and fleet size, i.e. the number of cars they have available.

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