Sep 14 2016

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Liquid Glass Review

Cons: Initial price, not a product for someone who wants a “quick wax job”

I have begun using Liquid Glass since Spring ’02 on the recomendation of a friend. Initially I was put off by the $18 price at Autozone, but I soon discovered it worth. Besides being the best product money can buy, a little goes a long ways. One bottle will be good for MANY coats.

I have been detailing my family’s and my own cars since 1995. I have used products from Turtle Wax, Meguires, Nu Finish, Blue Coral, Eagle One, Rain-X, 3M, and Mother’s. Before I used Liquid Glass, I prefered 3M Fine Cut Rubbing Compound to remove old wax, road tar, and fine scratches. Nu Finish was the main choice as a polish because it lasted long and gave a good shine.

I first used Liquid Glass in ’02 on my 1996 Crown Vic LX and helped my friend do his 1990 Nissan 300ZX. We preped both cars first with 3M Fine Cut rubbing compound with an orbital buffer, then rewashed both cars. This is absolutely a must. You can not apply liquid Glass to a car with an old wax still applied. This step of prebuffing/wax removal will deter most people from using Liquid Glass.

After preping the cars, we then applied the LG to the cars with back and forth motions. After the LG dried, we wiped of the LG with terry cloths, then buffed the cars with the orbital buffer, then hand buffed the cars with a buffing mitt.

By now it was 3:00. We let the cars bake in the sun which is also a must. This cures the LG.

My friends ’90 300ZX was already in good condition only having 48,000 mileson a 12 year old car. But the outcome on the paint was like nite and day. The paint looked 3 inches thick. Being Aztec Red, the car looked hot!

My Vic is metalic silver and it never had looked this good before. I have had people offer me cash at gas stations for my ’96 Vic because it looked showroom clean. They could not belive the mirror like reflection of the overhead lights at the gas station gleaming off the hood and trunk.

Plus at nite, the hood of any car with LG will act like a mirror and you can see street lamps, neon signs, passing cars reflecting off your hood. I even read a license plate off a truck in front of me while driving reflected off my hood.

The touch test proved the product was excellent. The cars felt like silk. After a month though, the feel faded a little, but this is normal. Two applications initially is needed. A second application a month after the first is optimal. Then the vehicle is set for the year.

I have applied LG on my grandfather’s 2000 Silverado LS, Grandmother’s ’01 Grand Marquis LS, Mom’s ’03 Tahoe LT, and my Dad’s ’95 Z-71.

The results were all amazing. After conditioning each vehicle woth the 3M compound and two or three coats of LG, my family says they get more complements now than ever before on their “clean rides”.

LG is also excellent on chrome, much better than Turtle Wax Chrome Polish. The shine is unbelivable.

Fellow car nuts, this is a “must have product”.

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