Aug 1 2017

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15 travel Instagram accounts worth following

Chris Burkard

With 1.4 million followers and magical photos like this of the Northern Lights, it’s not difficult to understand why Chris Burkard’s page has a loyal following. Cosy up on your couch with your favourite cup of tea and prepare to be transported through the visceral beauty of nature.

By: Linda Cotrina Source: Instagram/chrisburkard

15 travel Instagram accounts worth following

Girl Eat World

You can travel and eat your cake–or donut–too! This account will not only give you severe wanderlust, you’ll wish you were eating all the delicious treats featured in the perfectly composed travel grams.

By: Linda Cotrina Source: Instagram/girleatworld

15 travel Instagram accounts worth following

Hello BC

There’s more to British Columbia than extraordinary mountains (although the one pictured is pretty amazing). See B.C. through the eyes of residents and travelers who have passed through and follow Destination British Columbia’s official Instagram page. Warning: Your thumb may cramp after all the double-tapping.

By: Linda Cotrina Source: Instagram/hellobc

Wonderful Places

Is this place heaven or what. This Instagram account will give you the ultimate travel envy, whether you want to doze off on a beach or take a stroll through the mountains. In fact, I think it’s time I start packing my bags.

By: Linda Cotrina Source: Instagram/wonderful_places

15 travel Instagram accounts worth following

Paris In Four Months

See The City of Light through the eyes of Carin Olsson, a Swedish native who in 2013 pursued her dream of living in Paris. Her photographs of her everyday life truly inspire a wanderlust like no other.

By: Linda Cotrina Source: Instagram/parisinfourmonths

15 travel Instagram accounts worth following

Callum Snape

Canadian freelance photographer Callum Snape, captures the true spirit of adventure through his stunning photographs. Just a scroll through his page will give you the push you need to explore the great outdoors on your next adventure.

By: Linda Cotrina Source: Instagram/calsnape

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