Sep 12 2017

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Life Insurance

How much will you leave behind?

Your options.

Term life is cost-effective protection for a specified amount of time. Term doesn’t build up cash value.

Whole life provides protection as long as you live (premiums must be paid) with a guaranteed level premium.

Universal life is a flexible policy with variable premium payments. Typically for people who need college savings, estate planning, business planning or additional retirement savings. There is cash value.

What s next?

Your agent can help you choose the policy that best fits you and your family’s needs.

This calculator is a planning tool designed to assist you. The results and explanations generated by this calculator may vary due to your input and assumptions. Erie Insurance does not guarantee the accuracy of the calculations, results, explanations, nor applicability to your specific situation. All projections are hypothetical and we recommend you use this calculator as a guideline only. For a more accurate and detailed analysis specific to your circumstances and needs, contact an ERIE agent or other financial professional.

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