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Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery

  • Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery allows file recovery from different file systems like NTFS, NTFS5, ReFS, etc.
  • Can be used to recover files from hard drives of different types of Lenovo laptops
  • Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery has designed with advanced hard drive scanning algorithm
  • Easily recovers files from damaged, corrupted, or formatted hard drive

Hard drive recovery for mac

Hard drive recovery for mac

Simple Tool to Recover Files from Lenovo Hard Drive

Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery is very user friendly software that allows recovery of lost or deleted files, without any need to follow any cumbersome steps. By usage of this software all the files can be restored back in the same format as it had been before. Sometime, users just don’t need to make recovery of all files from hard drive. This requirement of user is fulfilled by this software, which allows users to select the file type before scanning is initiated on Lenovo hard drive. Once scanning of file is completed on the hard drive users can have a glance at them in four different categories i.e. file name, file size format of the file and creation date of the file. When data loss on hard drive happen then, it is very much possible that numerous files may be lost. So, if recovery is done, then it would require large free memory space area. In case if you lack free memory space area then, simply make use of Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery software which permits compression of files, before they are saved on intended hard drive.

Let’s know about some of the scenarios where Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery can proof productive:

Accidental Format: Format command is applied to reset file system of any drive. When we apply these command all the file detail is cleared from file system of drive. Therefore, if we unintentionally tumble upon format command then all the files are immediately lost, leaving no scope for manual recovery of files.

Virus Attack: Nowadays we can’t imagine using laptop like Lenovo G570 without internet connection. This internet connection is also one of the primary sources of notorious viruses, which are capable to damage hard drive to a great extent. So, if you don’t have reliable antivirus installed over your system then there is possibility that virus intrusion may happen. If the intruded virus is of low intensity then it would just damage a few of the files, however if virus is of high intensity then it is possible that file system of entire hard drive may get corrupted.

Improper System Shutdown: Files and folders that present on Lenovo hard drive can also get unreachable due to inappropriate shutdown of the Lenovo system. There are varied reasons for inappropriate shutdown of system. A few of them are power failure, software conflict, hardware issues, etc.

File System Corruption: File system is one of the fundamental structures of any drive, which allows users to read and write upon hard drive. So, if due to any reason, it gets corrupted then all of the files that are present on drive of Lenovo get inaccessible. A few of the error messages that are reported after drive corruption:

  • Windows detected file system corruption on OS (C:). You must check disk for errors before it can be restored
  • drive :\ is not accessible
  • The disk in drive drive name is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?

Error while Creating Partition: When we purchase Lenovo laptop it usually has one partition. So, to keep files in well-organized way, we usually create some of the new partitions. But, while doing such a thing if any sort of human error or system error happens then loss of files is bound to happen.

Error while Changing File System: Many a time due to some reason we need to change file system of hard drive. However, if while performing such a simple task any human or system error happen then all the files that are present on hard drive gets unreachable. The only possible solution to such catastrophic situation is implementation of Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery software.

Other Reasons: There are different other reasons that causes data loss from Lenovo hard drive such as unintentional deletion, deletion due to third party software, deletion of partition, and different others. In each of these states of affairs you can easily make use of this software to perform Lenovo hard drive recovery.

There are certain things that users can do to ensure that data loss doesn’t happen. A few of them are detailed here:

  • Always follow recommended procedure mentioned by Windows
  • Re-confirm drive name before you attempt formatting any hard disk drive partition
  • At all times have updated antivirus installed on your Lenovo system, so that no virus intrusion can happen
  • Apply Shift Delete command after confirming that files that are selected aren’t required anymore

Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery is one of the finest software that recovers files of varied file formats in few seconds of its installation. One of the other benefits of making use of this user friendly software is that it allows users to make recovery session (Recover Session allows users to re-load restored file tree from the previous scan) which can alter be used to minimize the time taken to recover files from Lenovo hard drive. Any of you can also make use of this unique software to recover files from RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 partitions with great effectiveness. Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery has got ability to restore files with ADS (Alternate Data Streams) attribute from any of the NTFS drive.

Supported File Formats: JPEG, TIF, PNG, TIFF, GIF, PSD, JPG, BMP, CR2, CRW, MOV, MPEG, AVI, MP4, MKV, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, RM, MPG, WAV, MP3, MP4, MIDI, AIFF, M4b, AIF, AIFC, M4A, AMR, RA, etc.

Do’s and don’ts that should be followed while using Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery software:

  • Usage of the drive must be stopped immediately after facing data loss
  • Usage of command like format must not be done on drive which has encountered data loss
  • Installation and downloading of recovery software must be done on different drive

Recover Data from Lenovo G560 Hard Drive: Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery Software is capable to recover data from Lenovo G560 hard drive which can be formatted, damaged, inaccessible, non recognized by the system and broken on Windows and Mac systems without any issue.

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