Sep 23 2017

Learn about salvage auto auctions, truck salvage auctions and wholesale auto auctions that link dealers to NJ auto auction vehicles. #bankrate #auto #loan #calculator

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A Glimpse into the Salvage Auto Auction Process

Salvage auto auctions are special wholesale auto auctions that serve car dealers across the world. Car-Tech Auction, Inc. is a dealer auto auction that does the same, and offers wholesale auto auctions on-site and via internet bidding.

Customer Service Has No Finish Line

At Car-Tech’s car auctions in New Jersey. we sell insurance vehicles that have been damaged from collision, flood, theft, fire, and other losses. At our salvage auto insurance auction, we also sell rental company vehicles, charity donation vehicles, and repossessions.

Car-Tech is a dealer-only wholesale auto auction that welcomes all types of buyers ranging from rebuilders to scrap metal customers. Exporters are welcome as well and are a growing arm of our business. Many other wholesale salvage auto auctions sell salvageable automobiles to similar people in the dealer auto auction industry.

The Wholesale Auto Auction Process

Auto Enhancement. Before a car is sold, it can undergo detailing, vacuuming and shampooing, flood damage recovery, shrink wrapping, patching and more. At Car-Tech’s facilities, we provide services to get a car in its best shape before auto salvage auction bidding begins. These steps can increase the value of the already-damaged car, and increase the odds for higher insurance salvage auto auction bidding.

Preparing to Bid. Car-Tech makes buying an auto in a wholesale auto salvage auction easy. Our live internet bidding allows licensed dealers to be at the sale. You can bid simultaneously with our live auction. And if you want to go to our two weekly car auctions in New Jersey – c’mon down. You can browse our weekly sale of more than 300 vehicles and even put automobiles on your “watch list” so you can monitor those you’re interested in before you bid in our salvage auto auctions. Our technology will lead you securely through the bidding process.

Internet Bidding. Perhaps the best aspect of Car-Tech’s auto salvage auctions is that we offer internet bidding so dealers around the world can access our salvage auto auctions. All internet bids are sent from your computer directly to the auctioneer, just as if you were at the live dealer auto auction . Preview our weekly sale list of 200+ vehicles from our website and then be ready to bid. Our new technology will lead you right through the bidding process and will even provide you with an email giving you a summary of your purchases.

Transportation. At many salvage auto auctions, transportation is provided to save on storage fees. Car-Tech provides prompt pickup service, timely vehicle delivery, extended coverage transportation, junk car removal and commercial towing. We can help get your car to and from the auction in a timely manner. This way you get your auto quickly after you buy it in the dealer auto auction.

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