Latest Updates on Libya, 8 July 2020

Latest Updates on Libya, 8 July 2020

1. The GNA warplanes bombed the LNA positions in the Sokhna area located in suburb of al-Jufrah. Pro-GNA media claimed destroying of a Pantsir-S1 defense system, killing three and wounding seven Russian forces (Wagner) in this attack.

2. Gen. Haftar:
“We will continue to strengthen our military capabilities and fighting with Turkish-affiliated militias, until achieving the complete Libyan sovereignty. We will not allow Turkey to enhance its military power in Libya.”

3. The head of Libyan National Oil Company:
– Foreign (Wagner) forces have entered the al-Sadra port and are changing it into a military base.
Russian forces (Wagner) are present in the al-Sharareh oil field, for the 25th day in a row.

4. UN envoy to Libya:
The landmines planted by Gen.Haftar forces, led to killing and wounding of 81 civilians and 57 others, including the mine detecting and neutralizing teams.

5. Russian foreign minister:
– We are cooperating with Turkey for reaching to an immediate ceasefire in Libya.
– The forces of Gen. Haftar are ready for signing the ceasefire agreement.

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Latest Updates on Libya, 8 July 2020

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