Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 15 October 2020

Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 15 October 2020

Thursday, 15 October 2020 – 16:59

Latest news from Afghanistan fronts

1- Peace talks
– Peace talks in Doha over official religion are ceased.
– Abdullah Abdullah, head of high High Council for National Reconciliation, will travel to Iran next week.

2- Helmand
– Due to impact and crash of two Mi-17 helicopters of Afghan army in Nawah district, nine killed.
Afghanistan DM reported of neutralizing Taliban operation to occupy Lashgargah district.

3- Badakhshan
Due to Taliban and security forces engagement, two of security forces killed and two injured.

4- Sare Pol
Due to roadside mine explosion en route security forces caravan, 10 soldiers and three civilians killed.

5- Lughman
Due to explosion of a bomb planted in a vehicle in Mihtarlam district, three civilians killed and 14 injured.

6- Baghlan
Taliban heavy attack, security forces station in Nour district is about to fall. Local official reported of continuation of engagement.

7- Paktika
Paktika chief of police reported that a high rank official of Quetta council of Taliban was killed in the engagement with security forces in Jani Khil district.

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Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 15 October 2020

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