Feb 13 2017

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Keller Williams Real Estate – Sharing Knowledge and Profits with Agents

By James Kimmons. Real Estate Business Expert

Jim Kimmons has many years of experience as a real estate agent and broker in three states, and serves as a consultant to other real estate professionals on using technology to improve their marketing and office management.

Newer on the Franchise Scene with New Ideas:

There are also courses for office staff and management.

The franchise believes in education and invests heavily in the structure to provide the best to their brokers and agents.

The E Agent Consortium Provides Technology Resources to Agents:

Agents in Keller Williams offices receive extensive training and resources in the use of technology to better serve the client.

Agents are provided with web sites, an online business management portal, email and more. Recognition of the changing internet marketing environment drives these agent services.

What are the Costs and Commission Split Arrangements?:

Keller Williams offers a 70% split to the agent, with a capped amount that goes to the brokerage. In other words, once a certain amount has been taken from agent commissions to office income, the split goes to 100% for the agent. The cap amount varies by office, but this method allows high producing agents to keep more of their commissions by capping their contribution to the office.

Profit Sharing up to Seven Levels Down:

This business model grows the agent pool in part by offering a profit sharing arrangement that rewards agents for those that they recruit into the company.

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The profit sharing is based on actual brokerage business profits, and not a percentage taken from commissions. In other words, the brokerage owners share their operational profits with the associates.

When an agent recruits another, that recruited agent can recruit and that third agent is still providing profit share to the first one. This arrangement goes down seven levels.

Virtually every forum in which agents talk about Keller Williams is full of praise for the way that the team works together for everyone s success. The goals and philosopy of the company is stated as To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.

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