Jun 7 2018

Jobs in Roanoke, Virginia and across Southwest Virginia, find jobs in my area.#Find #jobs #in #my #area

find jobs in my area

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Find jobs in my area

Find jobs in my area

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Find jobs in my area

Featured Employer – JPI Inc.

Find jobs in my area

Featured Employer – The Roanoke Times

Find jobs in my area

Featured Employer – Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare

Find jobs in my area

Featured Employer – Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority

Find jobs in my area

Featured Employer – Virginia Tech

Find jobs in my area

Featured Employer – Richfield Retirement

Find jobs in my area

Featured Employer – County of Roanoke

Find jobs in my area

Featured Employer – New River Valley Community Services

Find jobs in my area

Featured Employer – Town of Christiansburg

Find jobs in my area

Featured Employer – Town of Blacksburg

5 signs your boss is not impressed with your work

  • by Kate Lopaze

When things are going well at work and the praise is flowing, things are great. You’re feeling happy and accomplished, and comfortable that you’re in the right place. But sometimes there will be bad days and bad periods, when the work is more difficult, or you’re just not performing up to wh Read more

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The best references to give on a job application

Your job references aren’t just warm bodies who can verify that you’re “the best employee ever, and a totally great fit for [insert job here].” If done thoughtfully, your references can help you create a specific “hire me because I have these skills” narrative, or support the one you’ve set Read more

MS Word tips for a great-looking resume

No matter how impressive your education and career have been so far, if you can’t find a polished way to put it all down on paper no one will give you a second look. Put it this way: according to TheLadders, recruiters only spend six seconds looking at each resume. If what they see in that f Read more

How to properly read a job posting so you don’t apply to a terrible job

When you’re on the job hunt, it’s almost like you need to become fluent in a new language. You need to look at a job description and figure out if it fits your experience and then whether applying for the job is even worth your time. You need to know what common phrases like “competitive sal Read more

Challenges administrative assistants face and how to deal with it

Administrative assistants are the office superheroes. Their job includes making sure the office is running effectively and as smooth as possible while still juggling their other duties. Great administrative assistants are an invaluable asset to any company. But sometimes they face challenges Read more

Techniques on how to be happier at work

Being happy at work is important; it is the place where you spend 40+ hours weekly. Your happiness is usually reflected in the work you produce and your overall attitude. Happy workers tend to be more productive than unhappy workers. We understand you’re not going to be in the best mood ever Read more

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