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Frequently Asked Questions

    Wood versus steel? Can you provide building and erection? Where are you willing to build? Why JLM STEEL? What do i need to recieve an estimate? What type of buildings do you build?

Q: Should I use a wood structure or steel structure?

A: In some cases wood structures may be more cost effective, we have found that steel offers a number of options that cannot be acheived very easily with wood. These options include large clear span buildings which help to acheive maximum use of interior space with no interior columns. Another reason one might want to choose a pre-engineered steel building versus a wood structure could be time. Often times erecting a pre-engineered steel building can be substanially faster to erect than a wood structure.

Q: Can you provide building and erection?

A: Yes! We can provide a quality building as well as building erection with the highest industry standards.

Q: How far is JLM STEEL LLC willing to travel?

A: Typically we work in the Pacific Northwest, and are willing to travel to much greater lenghts to satisfy our customers.


A: At JLM STEEL we take pride in our customers satisfaction, we are a qaulity driven company that strives on setting the hightest standards in the pre-engineered steel industry. We believe in developing long lasting working relationships with all our clients.

Q: What information do you need to give me an estimate?

A: The basic information we need to give you an estimate is:

  1. Contact information including: name of company and or contact name, fax #, contact #.
  2. Job location.
  3. Time frame in which job is to start as well as finish.
  4. Floor plan, and building elevations (on all plans please include dimensions and any building specifications).
  5. For design built building please contact us by phone or email.

Q: What types of buildings do you work on?

A: All types of buildings, from simple box type buildings to complex architectural pleasing buildings, from storage facilities to warehouses, from agricultural buildings such as riding arenas to hay storages. The possabilities are endless.

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