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Sep 30 2017

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Monday, 18 July 2011


Packing light may not be possible, but packing small is totally possible.

My last trip was a four day holiday to New York and on to Toronto, I had an engagement party on the Friday night, a brunch on the Saturday morning, Sunday with some family and business meetings on Monday.

Tips to follow,

1. pack outfits and not bit’s and pieces

2. know what toiletries are provided and what isn’t (this will save you space but will also make it possible to get all your liquids in a TSA bag)

3. Are you going somewhere that you have access to laundry? (makes it easier to bring less if you know you and wash and rewear clothes)

4. acknowledge the fact that pretty much everywhere you go you can buy things in destination if you need to!

5. Roll some thing to fit them into small or strange spots in your luggage that may have space.

6. clothes, shoes, laptop etc, keep these thing your suitcase (thin and fordable things) that you can maximize the space with. Keep toiletries and make up in your purse, they are usually bulky and space consuming but not that heavy.

7. Extra things like brushes and power cords go in last, they can slide down the side of your suitcase and at the very top before you have done it up completely.

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