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Jeep Liberty Replacement AC Compressor Information

The AC compressor Jeep Liberty may be a tiny part, but it plays a key role keeping drivers and passengers comfortable inside the vehicle interior. The AC compressor Jeep Liberty compresses the liquid refrigerant that is sent through lines to the AC condenser. This turns the liquid into gas removing cold air in cold weather or hot air in hot weather. The remaining air is blown by a fan into the passenger cabin.

Known as a trendsetting and popular compact sport utility vehicle manufactured since 2002. Owners expect a rugged vehicle fit for any kind of driving or weather challenge. Interior comfort is an important part of the overall vehicle package. The AC compressor Jeep Liberty is built sturdy, but road wear and other factors may cause it to fail. In that case, owners use genuine replacement parts that are compatible with the overall interior cooling and heating system.

We stock these AC Compressor brands for the Jeep Liberty: UAC, GPD, Denso and Four Seasons.

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Research on AC Compressor for Jeep Liberty

Most car owners don’t think about the hundreds of components that work together to ensure they have a comfortable ride. Jeep Liberty AC compressor is one such part that is an invaluable accessory in the Jeep to make rides smooth and comfortable during the hot summer months.

Function of the Jeep Liberty AC Compressor

Jeep air condition A/C compressor is responsible for compressing the refrigerant and then sending it to the air condenser present in the vehicle. This process is powered by the drive belt of the engine. In the condenser, the liquid refrigerant is subjected to high pressure, which converts into gas, which is then moved into tubes where the heat is removed quickly, causing it to cool down. This cooled gas is responsible for cooling the air inside the cabin.

As the gas loses its coolness, it changes back to liquid and the whole process starts all over again to ensure you have continuous cool cabin air.

Can the AC Compressor Stop Functioning?

Yes, your Jeep Liberty’s AC compressor can develop issues. There are several factors that come into play. The age of the vehicle is the most common reason for AC compressor failure. However, it has been observed that 2002 Jeep Liberty AC compressor is more prone to failure. The reason for this is not known as yet.

While AC compressors in Jeep Liberty are very reliable and major issues are quite rare, the compressor or parts of the system may malfunction with regular wear and tear and improper maintenance. This can affect the cooling of the cabin air.

AC system not emitting cold air or there is minimal cooling

If you notice that the air conditioning system in your Jeep Liberty is not cooling the cabin or is putting out minimal cool air, the problem could be with the AC compressor. It could be broken or malfunctioning. This could necessitate a Jeep Liberty AC compressor replacement. However, let a qualified mechanic handle it as the compressor functions at high pressure and requires specialized tools to repair or replace it.

Jeep Liberty AC compressor not engaging

If you have the knowledge, check the fuse box under the hood. Swap the AC relay with another relay. Turn on the engine and switch on the AC to check whether or not the compressor engages. If it does not, use a voltmeter to check the power in the compressor. You need to perform this with the engine and AC running. So, do it with care.

The voltmeter should read 12v. If it does and the compressor still doesn’t come on, you may have a faulty compressor clutch. On the other hand, if the power is less than 12v, the level of the refrigerant could be running low and would need to be replenished.

Jeep Liberty AC compressor making loud noises while turned on

If hear squealing noises while the AC compressor is engaged, it could be due to loose belts or pulley misalignment. You should get the belts checked and if needed, replace them before they break. The mechanic can easily realign the pulley. If nothing works, it may be prudent to opt for an AC compressor replacement.

Cost of Jeep Liberty AC compressor replacement

The average cost to replace the AC compressor in your Jeep Liberty will range from $538 to $714. The cost of labor would be anywhere between $79 and $100, whereas if you need to replace specific parts from the unit, the cost would be between $459 and $614, excluding taxes and other associated fees.

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