May 11 2017

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Europe’s export superstars: Austria, Denmark, Germany Part 1

Europe’s export stars: Ireland and UK as laggards Part 2

Europe had a growth crisis long before launch of euro in 1999

Dutch house price doubled in 350 years; Irish prices in 20 years

China-UK golden age? Ireland has to find its Silk Road

Ireland a low-tax country; Kenny wants radical income tax cuts

Mathematician George Boole as father of digital age

Europe’s Coalition of the Ignorant on genetically modified foods?

Irish Government’s timidity on legal services reform

Startup Ireland: Evidence-based revolution to make a difference

Can Ireland reduce its reliance on FDI by boosting Irish firms?

Living in unique economic/ financial times; Interest rates lowest in 5000 years

Is Euro Area Ireland’s top trading partner. EU28 is overwhelmingly UK’s

Low pay in Ireland; Lowest social security corporate taxes in Europe

Budget surpluses rare in developed countries from 1980s; Italy, France, Greece had none in 60 and 40 years

Irish lessons for Greece on growing exports and investment

Sales of Irish tech firms create 300 millionaires in 15 years and no scaleups

Irish land prices among highest in world; Noonan tax cut boosts Dublin prices

Greece and other poor countries in Euro Area will not become rich

Europe produces 13 $1bn+ unicorn startups in one year; London is Europe’s digital capital

Decoupling of per capita GDP, productivity, private employment, and median family income in America

FDI into Europe at record in 2014; UK on top: Germany location for future investment

Ireland: Coalition drops 2018 full-employment target

Tackling Inequality: Scandinavian countries have the most successful welfare systems in Europe

UK and Irish business R D heavily reliant on foreign-owned firmswhy is commercialisation of invention so poor in the UK and Ireland?

Top 10 of world’s 250 largest consumer products companies account for 30% of sales

Family-controlled firms dominate Europe

US study on FDI into Ireland flawed; Ambassador says incredible

Sales of Irish tech firms create 300 millionaires in 15 years and no scaleups

Investment struggles as dividends/ share buybacks at top US firms to exceed $1tn in 2015

Growing ICT sector in Europe accounts for 5% of employment

Silicon Valley loses its silicon; Typical household income stagnates

Ireland: Innovation with or without R D/ scientific breakthroughs

Irish Boom Bust: Could conventional wisdom be fooled again?

Irish mortgages paid in 2014 at 1976 level; Half of house sales paid in cash [pdf]– 2013 Economics Financial data published in Dec 2013

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