Oct 17 2017

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Welcome to Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates

Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates group is composed of skilled physicians, nurse practitioners, and support staff providing comprehensive and compassionate healthcare throughout the Sheboygan Area Community.

The Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates staff are primary healthcare providers for patients age 16 and older with services including preventive care, education and wellness, acute care, and chronic disease management.

Broad Range of Services

Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates is a primary care medical office for adults combining an emphasis on wellness with the latest treatments for specific health concerns. Our expertise in diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension, circulation, asthma, and allergies is complimented by our attention to the health of all internal organs, the nervous system and the eyes, ears, and skin. Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates offers specialized testing and care for women’s health issues, smoking cessation, anticoagulant education, nutrition, and substance abuse.

We are uniquely positioned to serve all your health care needs ranging from general physical exams through continued care for chronic conditions and acute emergency situations. We work together with you for long-term wellness through our extensive range of services.

Although we don’t claim to be a walk-in clinic, Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates is equipped to handle everything from the common cold to most emergencies in our office. The Medical Arts Building accommodates a number of other specialists who offer additional services, and with even more specialists close-by as part of our medical campus, patients may be able to get complete healthcare attention all in one location.

EPIC – Electronic Medical Recording Systems

The physicians of Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates became one of the first groups in PHN to use the EPIC electronic health record system. EPIC allows us to keep an accurate health record without depending on cumbersome paper charts, thus giving your physician or nurse health care extender immediate access to your medical record from almost anywhere that internet access can be attained. This means that your physician (or his medical colleague on call) can pull up your record and verify your history, allergies, medications, as well as other valuable information to provide seamless, error free health care from their office, home, hospital, or other locations. Since EPIC is one of the most sophisticated and popular EMR systems in the country, we feel that we are now on the cutting edge of health care communication.

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