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Aug 28 2019

Insider threat

Insider threat
An insider threat solution monitors critical systems and analyzes user actions for risky behavior indicating potential fraud or cyber sabotage. With Forcepoint Insider Threat, quickly identify data theft behavior indicators (ex. frequent job boards visits, updating resumes, or stockpiling data) to prevent exfiltration.

Insider Threat

Deep collection and forensics for
unrivaled visibility

Gain visibility into potential ins >

Get a complete view of privileged users who interact with intellectual property and sensitive systems, and an archive of their actions through metadata, keystrokes, forensics, and video.

Prove intent of user actions

Investigate and remediate users with a rich history of user actions and live video replay that gives the context needed to prove or disprove malicious intent.

An insider threat solution will monitor critical systems and analyze related user actions for risky behavior indicating potential fraud or cyber sabotage.

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Anticipate data theft

Quickly identify data theft behavior indicators (ex. frequent visits to job boards, updating resumes, or stockpiling data) to prevent exfiltration when employees separate from the organization.

Protect employees from workplace harassment

Monitor verbal attacks on employees through communication channels such as social media, email, and instant messaging to prevent incident escalation.

Achieve contractor oversight

With Forcepoint Insider Threat, you can also ensure that temporary employees are using appropriate resources to get their work done and not violating terms of their agreement.

Established and proven effective against ins >

Hour of video capture before and after a high-risk event

Years of experience stopping insider threats

Million endpoints protected globally

Get a complete view of user actions with a lightweight, highly scalable agent and integrated third-party data.

Baselines behaviors for individual users and work groups, identifies anomalies, and provides a daily consolidated risk score for each user. Quickly highlights your organization’s 30-day risk trends.

Workflows tie together relevant user activity and sources of risk with event timelines, trend lines, and access to precise user activity—including live video capture and replay of individual user actions.

Anonymize the individual during risk scoring while retaining the ability to connect a user to their individual actions when enterprise risk is at stake. Governance to control, monitor, and audit investigators.

Make quick decisions to mitigate risk of insider threats with a sequential listing of activity leading up to and following event.

Apply data classification from Forcepoint DLP to risk scoring and investigations while applying active data containment for best-in-class data protection.

Trusted by Thousands of Customers Worldw >

“We had an issue with an employee. He was trying to gain access to some customer data but was prevented from doing so using Forcepoint. I wasn’t expecting Forcepoint to detect such a detailed test but it did. My manager and upper management are very happy about this high level of quality from Forcepoint.”


Insider threat


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