Aug 23 2017

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Optimize Shipping. Reduce Costs.

Yes. iDrive is different.

We are data-driven technologists with cost model expertise. Our executive team includes former pricing executives from the elite special pricing group at UPS. Our business intelligence technology is great. Our human intelligence is what defines us. Here are the individuals eager to meet you and your team.

Shaun is our visionary.

With 22 years of experience in the small parcel and logistics industry (including 8 with the US Army as a Supply Chain Specialist), Shaun is the visionary for the company. He was a partner in building and selling the largest and fastest growing small parcel audit and contract optimization firm in the industry. Shaun was the Gold Eagle Chairman award winner while at UPS and holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Shaun loves to golf, fly fish and hunt. He and his family are avid Yankee fans and travel to NYC several times per year to catch a few games at Yankee Stadium. Shaun s favorite thing to do is spend time with his family. A married, father-of-four, Shaun owns a 60-acre ranch near Park City, Utah where he and his family have gone back to their roots raising cattle and spending more time in nature.

Why Shaun Started iDrive

Shaun loves to explore the connections between logistics, client success and end-users customer experience. He is passionate about providing solutions that equate to true value for other businesses while helping them understand the direct connection between their shipping practices, their costs and their customers’ overall experience.

As Chief Operating Officer, Carl is responsible for operations, client management and carrier relations at iDrive Logistics. He has over 27 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, including over 20 years at UPS. During his tenure at UPS, Carl fulfilled assignments at the local, regional and corporate levels including a 3 year assignment to Asia and over 7 years in Corporate Pricing. He holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Economics and Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Graduate Certificate in International Business.

Carl enjoys spending time with his family, golfing and just about anything outdoors. He is an avid University of Utah fan but follows the Utes mainly from his home in Atlanta. However, he loves to catch a football game, basketball game, or gymnastics meet in Utah whenever possible. Carl also loves traveling with his wife of over 25 years. Their favorite trips have been to international destinations as well as trips to visit their two married daughters.

Why Carl Joined iDrive

Carl has always been fascinated by the complex world of logistics and the movement of goods. More than anything, he gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping others. After working many years for a major carrier and developing his in-depth perspective from the carrier side, Carl jumped at the chance to use this knowledge to help shippers make sense of the increasingly complicated world of carrier agreements. Carl s experience on both sides of the table provides tremendous value to shippers, in terms of cost reduction and more importantly in terms of providing better service to their customers.

Steve focuses on the growth of the company and is specifically responsible for the execution of iDrive’s business model, sales, and customer satisfaction. Steve brings 28 years of experience to the industry 19 years with UPS including eight years as worldwide sales training manager. He traveled throughout the US, Europe, Asia and the Americas training UPS sales management and sales teams on the topics of UPS strategy for negotiations and sales. Steve holds the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Master of Business Administration (MBA).

With nearly twenty years at the world’s largest transportation company, Steve met many business owners and leaders. When he and Shaun first discussed the idea of iDrive, Steve was excited to be part of something that could really help individuals and clients. In addition to a new challenge and opportunity for his family, Steve saw iDrive as the perfect opportunity to make a more direct impact on the companies iDrive would serve.

Steve is our resident grandfather with four children and seven grandchildren. An avid spoiler of his grandchildren, Steve loves spending time with his family, especially at the beach.

As Vice President of Marketing, Matt is responsible for the development and execution of iDrive’s marketing strategy. Prior to joining iDrive in 2015, Matt managed campaigns for a Fortune 500 company and spent several years in Washington, DC where he fulfilled various roles in legislative policy. Matt is passionate about the value iDrive brings to the e-commerce and transportation industry, and through his strategic vision, Matt has brought the iDrive brand to new heights. In his words, getting the word out about iDrive is easy when you ve got a service with a 100% success rate and no out-of-pocket cost to customers. Matt earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Utah, where he studied Mass Communication and Broadcast Journalism.

Matt loves spending every spare second with his wife and two little boys—especially Saturday mornings when he and his 2-year-old son blast classic rock throughout the house. As a Texas-native, Matt roots for the Cowboys, Mavericks and Rangers, but he’s even more passionate about the rise of the Utah Utes.

As Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Smith has direct responsibility for all financial aspects of the company. This includes direct oversight of client invoicing, client credit accounts and client freight payment accounts. Ms. Smith previously served as CFO for a growing online retailer for 8 years. This experience enables Ms. Smith to identify directly with our clients needs to keep transportation and logistics costs in check and warehousing and fulfillment at top efficiency. Ms. Smith holds the degree of Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

As President, Glenn has operational and business development oversight at iDrive Logistics. He has over 29 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, including over 21 years at UPS. During his tenure at UPS, Glenn managed operations and supported them through industrial engineering roles. This included taking on a consultative role for many of UPS’s larger clients, performing network management analysis and optimization. Later, Glenn relocated to corporate headquarters where he managed corporate special pricing and enterprise pricing, working cross-functionally with multiple transportation modes. Glenn holds the degree of Bachelor of Science in Management.

Glenn is an avid soccer referee. He has the privilege of traveling the country to referee advanced-level games, and occasionally, Glenn has the good fortune of refereeing along-side his three sons. Glenn also loves hiking and traveling with his wife of over 25 years. They look forward to visiting some of the notable national parks as well as international destinations.

Why Glenn Joined iDrive

According to Glenn, iDrive provides the best of both worlds, where high-caliber people in an entrepreneurial and customer-focused culture combine with an unparalleled portfolio of solutions for clients of all sizes and industries. To this end, Glenn enjoys leveraging his expertise to the benefit of clients. He is particularly fascinated by the process of learning clients’ businesses and crafting best-in-class solutions. Glenn’s extensive operational and pricing experience bring an unequaled perspective for iDrive’s clients and further augments the deep experience of the iDrive team.

We had an exceptional contract and I was doubtful that iDrive could do much for us and expressed as much. iDrive reviewed our contract and stated that we did indeed have a very aggressive contract but that they would go to work and see what they could do. The net result was significant for us.

Enterprise Consumer Products Distributor

We are very pleased with the performance of iDrive Logistics. We have cut costs in our small parcel, LTL, and our IT functions due to the services provided. They helped us obtain great rates for our small parcel and LTL, saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars. iDrive has simplified and improved every aspect of our transportation needs. Our business partnership continues to be a win, win, win for us.

VP of Finance
Large Fulfillment Company

Stellar company! We thought we were getting the best prices from our carriers and that we had sound negotiating abilities but with iDrive s consulting services and industry knowledge we were able to increase our negotiating power and reduce our ground freight costs by 13% which proved to be thousands!

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