IDF Carried Out 50 Strikes In Syria, 300 Strikes in Gaza In 2020

IDF Carried Out 50 Strikes In Syria, 300 Strikes in Gaza In 2020


IDF Carried Out 50 Strikes In Syria, 300 Strikes in Gaza In 2020

On December 31st, Israeli Media reported that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released its 2020 annual statistics report.

Included in it are the following keystone facts:

  • 50 strikes were carried out in Syria;
  • 176 rockets were reportedly launched towards Israeli soil from the Gaza Strip. 300 targets were struck in response by Israel in the Gaza Strip;
  • 1,500 rock hurling incidents took place in the West Bank, 60 “terror attacks” and the IDF carried out 2,277 arrests.

The latest attack that was attributed to Israel in Syria took place on December 29th, in which one Syrian soldier died and three others were wounded.

Also on the Syrian front, the report revealed, two IED (improvised explosive device) attacks were reportedly thwarted.

In addition to the 50 targets that were struck, the IDF carried out approximately 1,400 fighter jet sorties in 2020.

According to the military, over the course of 2020, Israeli Air Force drones clocked some 35,000 flight hours; helicopters flew over 400 sorties, a quarter of them search and rescue operations; and transport airplanes flew over 1,000 missions.

On the Lebanese border, according to the annual report, there were two attempts by Hezbollah to carry out attacks into Israel, and both were prevented by the IDF.

In the Gaza Strip, 176 rockets were launched toward Israel throughout 2020. Ninety of the rockets landed in open fields, and 80 were intercepted.

The IDF said that it saw 60 “terror attacks” in the Gaza Strip.

One tunnel was also exposed in 2020 from Gaza towards Israeli territory. The tunnel was reportedly dug by Hamas and crossed into Israel.

The rock hurling incidents were a bit higher than in 2019, when 1,469 incidents were reported.

There were 31 cases of live-fire incidents in the West Bank during the year – 12 more than in 2019. Nine stabbing attacks were reported, three fewer than in 2019.

Despite the pandemic, the West Bank remained a significant “source of concern” for the IDF, though they admit there were some areas of “improvement”.

In 2020, the number of stabbings decreased by 1/3, from 12 in 2019 to 9. The number of shooting attacks, however, increased significantly, from 19 in 2019 to 31, though this was similar to the number of shootings in 2018 — 33 — and in 2017 — 34.

Though not included in the statistics released by the military, the year 2020 also saw the lowest number of soldiers and civilians killed in war and terror attacks in Israel’s history.

As of December 31st, three people — two civilians and one soldier — were killed in security-related attacks, including Esther Horgen, who was killed earlier this month in an attack outside the northern West Bank settlement where she lived, Tal Menashe.

In 2020, the IDF significantly stepped up its campaign against the West Bank’s alleged local gun production industry, shutting down 50 workshops where it said guns were being produced, compared to 14 in 2019 and four in 2018.



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IDF Carried Out 50 Strikes In Syria, 300 Strikes in Gaza In 2020

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