Iconic pop stars

Iconic pop stars

Based on over 14,000 votes, Michael Jackson is ranked number 1 out of 186 choices. Agree? Disagree? Place your vote on the top 10 list of Best Pop Stars Ever.

Best Pop Stars Ever

The Top Ten

Michael Jackson is the best because he sings, dances, writes songs, composes and is a qualified actor. He also took all of the false rumors and ignored them (the rumors were he turned white on purpose, he hate children etc) also he can actually SING unlike the little twit below who doesn’t deserve to be here, the only other artist that can make a song that’s good to listen to and not just some guy wailing through the microphone is Justin timberlake.

I just love him rip mj you will live in our hearts he is so perfect he is full of every thing energy and just an amazing dancer and singer he is the king for ever love you mj


Biggest star period ever! His fame rivals Jesus. Not sure if you polled the world today that Jesus would be more famous. Game changer!

Lady Gaga is by far the biggest pop icon of this century and has been releasing top class singles for over half a decade now. No other Artist has had such enormous success in a relatively short space of time with smash hits which will go down in history produced by her such as Just Dance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Bad Romance, Telephone, Alejandro, Judas, Born This Way, Edge Of Glory and Applause.It is hard to believe how she could have produce such a large magnitude of great songs in such a small space of time. I don’t think that there will be anyone as good as her in the future and there surely hasn’t already been anyone as good as her in the past! How is she not number 1!

I agree with the top 2. The only person who could ever surpass Gaga is the king of pop Michael Jackson. She is ever so slightly below him. She has made her mark on this world. This year she has been in the spot light for a full decade. She will be here for a very long time if not forever. She is a Genius, a business woman, an influence, a icon, a beauty, an artist, a activist, an actress, a song writer, a singer/vocalist, and most of all a legend for all the years to come. Paws Up little monsters.

She is my favorite musical artist ever! She is so talented, and isn’t afraid to be herself. You go, Mother Monster! Little Monsters, put your hands up, make them touch!

Iconic! One of the greatest minds of the 21st century

she is wicked love her songs rock on katy perry

I CAN’T believe that katy perry is 22nd place! Katy is way better than everybody whos ahead of her! I mean like shes got a powerful and enchanting voice. She sings like an angel! I think fireworks is her best song, its so inspiratonal. I love wide awake too, the videos so cool. Come on she has a movie made on her. Katy should be in 1st place. I love her songs and I wish she was in the top ten at least. Katy perry is my favourite singer!

I think katyperry is one of the best singers in the world. I have all of her cd’s. And that is a rilly a good chance for me to step up and vote for katy perry. I love you katyperry

I can’t believe that only 1% people in this world loves you!
Well my brother always angry me when I see your clip everyday because your so amazing

I’m only 10, but I think she is THE best. My favourite song from her is You Need To Calm Down and I Knew You Were Trouble. Actually, I like ALL of her songs. WAY better than Michael Jackson, who is currently number 1 there!

Taylor Swift is the best famous singer In the world because she sounds really good And no one Is butter than her. She is so amazing and beautiful

No. I hate all modern pop music with my heart. Especielly this person, She only sings about her exes and love and flirty crap.

Madonna is queen of pop and she undoutly deserve 2 and place after king & good of pop michael Jackson.

She was made to be famous.. She is a legend of POP she has been the most succesful woman with more than 300 millions copies.. She is the queen of reinvention SHE HAS CREATED all the other superstars who appeared after her.. Lady gaga is great because it’s the logical and modern continuation of the madonna idea, it’s obvious that lady gaga is the current queen of pop, why people try to deny it? She is really more succesful than madonna nowdays..
I don’t know if the problem is the age of Madonna (which affects more than people think) or its latest reinvention.. She was the queen of pop.. Now people no longer sees her as the queen, and so she has ceased being it.. But she has been the queen for thirty years (until today) she began to build the road that she no longer walks. Only the following greatest artist may succeed her on the throne she created.. And yes, lady gaga is slowly taking it.

This list is preposterous. MJ’s fine, but Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato? They’re new, people, and untested. Whoever created this list sure is a teenage inexperienced, amateur listener. Madonna is LEGEND. She is incomparable, irreplaceable. Bieber, Gaga, Lovato, Beyonce, even Michael Jackson and Britney Spears are NOTHING compared to Madonna, pop’s greatest artist.

Madonna is the Queen of pop and the best pop female artist ever, she can’t be compared to those wannabees like katy perry, lady gaga, taylor swift, Britney etc. Madonna has proved to be a true artist by giving us great albums. This site is stupid to have Madonna in number 8, she should be second because the first place is Michael Jackson and even though he is number one, he has not accomplished what Madonna has. Because his last albums were not as successful as Madonna’s. Againsm is real, The media trash Madonna’s work just because now she is in her 50s and continue singing. Stop the hate, it is the only way to live with tolerance in this world, stop promoting hate to young people.

Beyonce is without a doubt one of the most talented women on Earth. She has a tremendously powerful voice, with a huge range. She is an excellent dancer and can really connect with an audience. She can put emotions into her voice and her songs that can bring you to tears. She is capable of writing and composing amazing music and for the most part, she does. She is also an excellent actress. Not to mention the fact that she is incredibly beautiful! Put all these qualities in one and you have an AMAZING performer. She has the best live performances of all and I love her with all my heart. GO BEYONCE!

beyonce is definitely the best pop star ever – I mean she was recently voted the best artist in the world in the uk. plus she is always improving as her I am sasha fierce album is her best yet and her vocal range is as good as ever.

Quickly turning into a legend and world wide icon, Beyonce’ seems to have it all, the look, the talent and the personality. An amazing pop star.

Come on! 26th place?! She is great! We Found Love is a most beautiful pop song in the world! Only Girl and What’s My Name are great too! Umbrella was her greatest song! She also got other party anthems like Disturbia, SOS, Don’t Stop The Music, S&M, Man Down, Shut Up And Drive and Where Have You Been! And what about ballads like Unfaithful, Hate That I Love You and California King Bed! Don’t forget about songs which weren’t released as a singles! VOTE FOR RIHANNA! SHE DESERVES TO BE WITH GAGA, BRITNEY, Michael AND Madonna!

She’s trash – DaWyteNight

The only girl in the world deserves to be #1. Gosh I mean dis is someone who has broken records set by Madonna, mariah carey and the sweet whitney houston. She has 12 #1’s making her the fastest solo artist to achieve that feat, billboard named her the number 1 pop artist of all time fending off her mates and even the legendary Madonna owing to her consistent place on the charts and having the records for the most #1’s, most entries & most top 10’s on the pop songs chart. Come on people, Rihanna has proven beyond reasonable doubt that she has come to #STAY, make good music and entertain.

Best singer in world

I love you Justin Bieber

So overall a great artist I am beyond surprised how he is this low in the rankings. if you look at his past year his net worth has increased about 80 million dollars by the end of 2016 so that’s making 80 million dollars in one year half of the celebrities up here have nothing even close to his money potential talent and career he came up so quick so fast that took artist years and years and years to make it actually really make it. Justin Bieber is an amazing artist singer songwriter musician overall he is just great and I believe his ranking should be top 3. And with his age he still has a fabulous career in front of him. I only see positives no negatives I Believe by the end of his career he will be there either most famous pop star or second most famous

For me she’s the best. Her songs inspire so much. She has a very different voice than other singers. And it’s not like all other singer don’t use autotune.

Stop with the hate, this lady is more successful than a lot of people. Selena is a total queen, she takes on all this hate whilst struggling with lupus and yet, she battles on regardless. Her music is catchy and does well. She can definitely sing, maybe not as capable of higher notes such as Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato etc. I adore and look up to Selena. #Selenators

I am Selena Gomez’s number 1 fan in the world! She is so amazing.

She Uses bloody autotune

He’s known as the new MICHAEL JACKSON so should be 2 and one in this list

I love the beautiful melodies of all the songs you write and sing, especially “Never Close Our Eyes”. I’m extremely grateful that you gave this beautiful song to the vocal god Adam Lambert, who can spice it up to make it a fabulous collab. You are the best songwriter and singer in the world of this generation of artists, along with Adam Lambert. I hate those people who keep saying that Justin Bieber is better than you. Bruno Mars and Adam Lambert forever!

My love for him and his music is unconditional

He should be on top

The Contenders

Her voice is THE STRONGEST voice in the music industry.

I love Gaga. I love Brit. But Michael should be one, Madonna two, and WHITNEY three. Gaga fourth. Sheesh. You young kids have no respect for history!

46 50 54 55 56 top some of the best in the world past and present get it right

She has a beautiful voice!

Best. No other words! Who the hell put Bieber in front?!

AWESOME he Clears the thoughts extensive power wio relaxes our mind and freshes the day and night the best of all time -p.M. dinesh

Beat ever. No one can beat him. His concerts, songs, looks. Eevrything just too amazing!

I don’t know why he, s at no.7. He, s the best pop singer. He’s beater than any one on this list besides Michael Jackson. I mean seriously Bieber! Its not about money you make. Its about how good can you sing and Justin Bieber is nothing in front of him.

Most underrated musician! She deserves so much more! She’s a true artist from the way she takes the crowd away to the way she sings better than her recorded song! P! Nk will forever be my favorite artist!

Legend needs no description. She’s smart, honest, and so deeply involved with the audience heart that she will live forever without any doubt.

To everyone: Try. Never give up. It’s what I tell myself, and it’s the reason I’m so confident. You’re beautiful. Remember that.

She’s amazing! Never a bad performance and her voice is iconic and beautiful

The best female Pop star ever, Britney Spears. Anything she releases is immediately number 1. She’s sexy, talented and all round amazing. We’ve seen her ups and downs and she has managed to pull off the biggest comeback in music history.

She made original pop – her songs remind me of the 2000s – I really like them – althogh she made some mistakes in her life, her debut album is very very good. s

Britney is a princess of POP, Love the way she sings, and her voice is extremely sweet and soft. I love Britney Spears 3>

Britney Spears.. what can I say about her? Madonna may be the queen, I bet even she thinks Britney is the queen. In true honesty.. let’s start with her performances.. she is an extraordinary dancer, she is so graceful and doesn’t look like she is trying to remember the damn choreography, she is also looks like she is having fun on stage. She makes 100% original music, sure she has inspirations too, but she never rips someone off completely. People hate on her, just like MJ because they are extra ordinary.. they have sheer stage presence.. just watch the performance The Way You Make Me Feel.. Britney Spears is possible the only artist on earth who wasn’t overshadowed by MJ. During her prime, she was fierce she was the real Sasha fierce without trying and without overdoing it. As for her singing.. she used to have a strong voice, but thanks to Jive Records they made her sound nasally. However, she sounds very unique. After her meltdown she is still going on over 15 years and still very . more

Only one I like

Unlike most of the singers in this list, Adele can sing many different genres of music and she’s always so creative with her albums and her song choices.

Hello is amazing but it’s played on the radio every 5 minutes

She is amazing I always sing her song hello

Well of course, Alicia is just like Adele with the most powerful voice in history according to one of her best songs this girl is on fire!

Alicia.I need everyone to know SHE PLAYS PIANO AND SINGS! I look up to her strong voice and piano at the same time.I would put her at least top 10

Alicia Keys is a wonderful singer and I just love all her songs!

Alicia Keys is awesome!

Best singer ever! She’s my idol, I would do anything to go and be able to meet her, it’s totally worth it. If have every single one of her songs on my iPhone (that I can actually get on iTunes). She is beautiful, has a great personality, and she really knows how to rock! She was he most popular singer in the early 2000s along with Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Katy Perry (who are my most favorite singers after Avril of course). She is one of the best punk/pop/rock singers in the world! She is so underrated now and deserves to get at least #3 if not #1. I’m surprised she’s only #28 (Ha! That’s her age! ).

Lover her voice to death

Avril Lavigne gets my vote for sure. She tells you to be laid back and live your life to the fullest and don’t waste your time being grouchy and miserable and to not worry about what other people think of you be
Cause you are YOU

She rooks and is so good at singing!

Miley she is the queen of music Disney pop legned nobody in Disney will never to her she sold so much I mean nobody will touch her in Disney she one of Disney icon and she in the Disney hall of fame Miley is a living legned love you Disney queen aka miley

Best vocal range. Capable of singing all sort of songs. She is definitely the Disney QUEEN.
I love all songs sung by MC

30 I. Love. Your. Songs. From. Hannah. Monta. The movie. And. You. Are. Wonder

Prince is more musically talented than mj and yet he is only on 19th.

Should be right next to MJ. This list is flawed

My top three would be Prince, MJ and Elvis. Well ELvis and MJ are on the list, but only MJ got a deserved spot. WHere the hell is prince? He plays all the instruments, composes all the music, dances, choreographs, produces, etc.) He has been rocking massive crowds crowds since before most people on this list were born, and he’s still going today) Its a sad state of affairs that he is not even on this list. Without Prince, this list is meaningless!

Why are Kesha Justin bieber higher than prince? – InsertCleverName

She is amazing, inspiring and makes her own songs! She is one of few artists that are generic an makes her own songs. I love her album, Warrior, it has Die Young, Crazy Kids, Supernatural and many great future hits! I also love her show Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life on MTV because she is not afraid to show her true self to people. I am her Number 1 fan!

She is the best no one will ever be better – nipples

She is sexy and so good at what she dose

Her best song is tic toc

This lot above elvis? Absolutely ridiculous. He was and is the greatest ever. We love you beautiful man.

Without doubt biggest ever. Nobody cares to go by Michael Jackson’s grave or mausoleum yet over a million a year go by Elvis’

Come on, he fathered pop music as we know it today. Sure, MJ is the king of pop, But ELVIS IS THE GODFATHER OF POP! Top 3 at least he deserves!

The king and will always be the number 1

She is an awesome singer and is hot

This list is defective without her

Shakira is at same level than Michael Jackson and Madonna, she is truthly top ten, Justin Bieber and other just is a comercial singers, no more.

I’m Mexican she’s Mexican we all love her we all say she’s a great dancer and she’s beautiful and I think everybody should know shakira because she’s the best Mexican dancer/singer ever

Justin timberFAKE – Heggs

NEEDS to be number 2 to Michael Jackson. He doesn’t use autotune just like every other person in this list besides Michael Jackson.

One of the few Male Pop stars on the list. Has a very unique voice and a perfect Male pop star image, has had great success since Nsync.

Number two after MJ – no doubt!

Elvis then MJ then Justin Timberlake

Michael Jackson is the King of Pop – Justin Timberlake is the President of Pop!

Now you guys are just acting dumb

Got me like oh my gosh

I love your songs

She’s a real goddes, she’s such an underrated queen, I love her, she saved my life

In my opinion one of the best pop stars I have ever heard! I love her

She should be 9th she is so talented her vocal range is the best SHE IS UNDERRATED DEMI IS THE BEST

Elton’s career spans over 50 YEARS & he’ll soon be embarking on a 3 YEAR worldwide tour.

Elton John has charted over 50 Top 40 singles, making him the 2nd most successful artist after only Elvis Presley, even surpassing the Beatles. Additionally, he has done this throughout a successful career spanning over 40 years.

He actually writes music. He’s the real deal. Now I have to add content otherwise it won’t let me post this. There you go. Sorry about that. Xoxo.

Great singer and great actor on suite life of Zack and Cody.

I really like her

I love you you’re the best ever woo!

My cousin got. Sharpeys under study in a play in high school musical

She’s Beautiful and talented. She is one of those rare triple threat kind of people because she can do all 3 very well

Her name is Katherine like me

I love her new song call it whatever

She great dancer and singer

Grate songs and voice

She is awesome and should be number 1

One of the very best, taken before his time.

123 rd you are loking I hope

It’s a spit in the face that she isn’t in the top 3. She inspired Mainly everybody on the list. Maybe after she dies this world will then realize that she had the greatest voice to ever grace this planet.

You have got to be joking 77?
This is one of the most talented singers of all time. All of her tracks are very meaningful and people relate their lives and experiences to her music. OK maybe today she may not be able to reach the vocals she has hit in the past, but in my opinion there will be no-one like Mariah Carey she should be in the top 10. I can still listen to her songs all year round even the ones she brought out over 10 years ago. Butterfly has got to be one of the most touching albums around.

I love her song all I want for Christmas is you it’s the best

She is the person I’ve ever seen.R.I.P. Michael Jackson 1958-2009

She is so underrated! She is much better than that dying cat taylor swift. Janet jackson is truly a great singer and deserves to be on no.3!

Janet needs more fame why is she not the queen of pop they need to make that she is the sister of the king of pop

She is by far the best even the NEWS said she is blowing up and should be in the top 10

I love Ariana grande buttera

She is the best pop star ever even LARRAY says she the queen of pop!

She should be #1

Young, creative, unique

The best singer in the world

Billie Eilish, a young popster with a big dream ahead of her.

Newest song “Bad guy”

Nowadays most of his music is so trash and he can’t even sing that well live. – DaWyteNight

He isn’t suppossed to be here no.3 after Michael and bruno

Who did this? This makes no sense the people on here are not even that popular Chris Brown is number 3, Usher is number 2, Justin Timberlake is number 4

You never go wrong with Chris Brown, all his songs are just great

Such an amazing singer! Her voice is purely perfection and very powerful. One of the most successful artists of all time. She has an extremely powerful vocal range. One of the best vocalists and best voices I’ve ever heard and listen to. My favourite song of yours is the 1999 song “Genie In A Bottle”.

She unlike a lot of other pop singers can sing and is an amazing vocolist. She was the youngest to ever be on the Rolling Stones Top 100 and was the first person EVER whose first 3 single were #1 on the chart. She also had more iconic songs that everyone knows then a lot of people on this list with songs like BEAUTIFUL, FIGHTER, GENIE IN A BOTTLE, WHAT A GIRL WANTS, COME ON OVER, ain’t NO OTHER MAN. She also was an innovator and started thinking outside the box with both her music and look far before anyone else and has inspired singers like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.

One of the best Pop voices I’ve ever heard, it’s strong, confident and sexy. Has a great look and never afraid to be individual.

She has a WICKED vocal range and sings her songs with a LOT of feeling! I love beautiful and fighter!

Reason why or civilisation is walking towards collapse! This Man should be in the top 3!

Bowie at 58!? How? Davis bodies is just as good as Michael Jackson, if not better. Get him to top ten.

Genuine genius doesn’t occur often. This man has done it all.

Sia is number one on Earth at the moment. She is so cool and amazingly good singer.

I perform,u feel,rest I don’t bother

In my opinion, Celine should and is rated number one.

Celine should be in the top 10

She is the best selling female artist ever and has the best voice! She is the vocal god!

Best female voice I’ve ever heard. so powerful, just flawless!

His songs are incredible, these are songs for eternity

Will go down in history as a LEGEND

He is way better than Justin Bieber and 80% of the people above him especially one direction and Justin Bieber I don’t mind louis but seriously they all are sex appeal to the teens.

I adore Robbie’s song candy.

Melanie Martinez is awesome. You should go and listen to some of her songs such as “Soap”, “Dollhouse” and more. She has a unique style, and deserves to be more popular.

Oml I love your music! I really could care less about what people say to you! Your music is an inspiration to me I love your unique look and style you deserve to be #1 in my book! I really hope you keep making music! I love you! вќ¤пёЏ

Places places get your place, Mel-Bell at number #5. That’s my rank. 106? B*t ch, please. Thts ridiculous

Ne-Yo should at least be in the top twn

пїЅ”пїЅO GOOпїЅ – пїЅ

So talented, and her career was given a boost by one of my favorite guitarists: David Gilmour. I fell in love listening to &quotRocket’s Tail&quot off of The Sensual World.

Cannot believe she’s so low – probably cus she’s not as well known in America/isn’t your conventional pop star. Her songs border on classical, and she incorporates so many different genres. A true icon, and deserves to at least be in the top ten with her incredible vocal range and producing talents (unlike those that can’t even sing live without autotune and are only famous for their goodlooks)

Why is he so attractive? – Luckys

I like zany Malik but he has got to rough and he has recently been seen smoking weed


Iconic pop stars


Iconic pop stars

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