Sep 23 2017

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Cruise and Hotel News: Tracing a Viking Route in Iceland

What you need to know if you’re on a trip or planning one soon, including a a new lodge near Yosemite and a boutique hotel in Guadalajara.

In Iceland, Seeking a Luxury Hotel Amid the Rustic Charm

A trip outside Rejkyavik, where minimalist aesthetics and raw nature coexist.

Trout Fishing in Iceland

The fishing guides Barry and Cathy Beck will be hosts of a trip to Iceland for Frontier International Travel.

Four Mostly Hangover-Free Bachelor Party Getaways

Before those wedding bells ring, take a trip that everyone will remember (and the groom won’t regret).

Hotel Review: Hlemmur Square in Reykjavik, Iceland

This centrally located property, which opened in June, combines a hotel and a hostel under one roof.

36 Hours in Reykjavik

See the city’s award-winning new architectural landmark, stay up (very) late on a pub crawl, find peace on a nearby island and far more during a weekend in Iceland’s capital.

The Lights and Nights of Reykjavik

In winter, when the sun sets early and darkness dominates, Reykjavik offers plenty of options to escape hibernation.

Escape From the Jet Age

By disrupting all air travel, the Icelandic volcano has reminded us of the pleasures of traveling by land or sea.

36 Hours in Reykjavik, Iceland

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