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Aug 16 2017

I need a loan but have bad are my options: Credit & Lending: Small Business Community #amortization #loan #calculator

#i need a loan but i have bad credit

I need a loan but have bad credit. what are my options?

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Flake – Sorry if you saw my post as negative or insulting. The reality is that if someone has bad credit and no money, they should not be purchasing a home. There’s a world of difference between you qualifying for a small credit card and qualifying for a residential mortgage. Perhaps if people were more responsible when it came to borrowing, we’d not be in the real estate mess that we find ourselves in today. Maybe if there were more “mean” guys like me talking sense into people, we wouldn’t have foreclosures left and right. What would you prefer: me telling it like it is (ie this person should not be buying a house) OR me sugar coating it and having that same person on the street in 6 months because they took on more debt than they could handle? Perhaps its YOU who is doing the dis-service here Ms. Flake by encouraging an unqualified buyer to make a purchase.

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Welcome to Bank of America Small Business Community

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