Aug 31 2017

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Hybrid SUV Rental

MPG Car Rental doesn’t stop at hybrid options for those who want to project their environmentally friendly ethos to everyone around them. We also have a wide range of hybrid SUV rental options.

Perhaps one of the best moves the car makers could have made during their sales boom in the early 2000s was the creation of hybrid SUVs. While the cars themselves never shot to superstardom, the carmakers spread the idea of environmental concern to a market that might not have accepted sacrifices in space and luxury, just to improve mileage. Hybrid SUVs ensured that there were options for everyone, and we carry most of those options here at MPG Car Rental, widely-acclaimed source for hybrid car rental in Los Angeles .

One of the wisest automakers has been Toyota, who, apart from the iconic Prius (the hybrid that started it all) turned their luxury subsidiary, Lexus, into a fertile hybrid producing company. With the Lexus RX 400 hybrid as well as a Lexus 450 hybrid rental, we cover the needs of wide swaths of the community in search of hybrid SUVs (aside from their SUV line, they’re also the automaker with the most hybrid models). The Toyota Highlander hybrid rental is available too, as well as the Chevy Tahoe hybrid.

A hybrid SUV rental is a great way to see Los Angeles. The space inside is perfect for a whole family, and you can fit all the gear you could possibly want for a great beach trip.

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