May 21 2017

How to repair your credit rating #ge #credit

#how to repair your credit

How to repair your credit rating

Want to get the best possible credit score? Follow these simple tips and you ll be well on your way!

Getting a decent credit record can save you some serious cash in the long run. After all, the better your credit score, the more likely it is that you ll be accepted for the best mortgages and credit cards.

So how do you go about making sure your rating is as good as possible?

Just follow these steps.

#1 Actually get some credit!

I ve never had credit so my credit record is perfect.

It s an easy assumption to make but it s not exactly true. A lender wants to see how you ve managed your debt in the past in order to work out how you ll fare in the future. If you have no credit history for them to go over, it s harder for them to make that prediction.

You can compare credit builder credit cards over in our comparison tables.

#2 Check your credit record!

Besides, giving your credit record the once over gives you an opportunity to pick up on any mistakes that need correcting, particularly things like accounts being registered to the wrong address.

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