Aug 31 2017

How to Rent a Phone to Be Used Overseas #flats #to #rent #in #dublin

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How to Rent a Phone to Be Used Overseas

Save money when you travel abroad by renting a cell phone. (Photo: woman on cell phone image by palms from )

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When you are traveling abroad, the last thing you are likely to think about is your cell phone. However, if you want to stay connected during your travels, it is one of the first things you want to think about. If your carrier offers a worldwide plan, but it is too expensive, and you aren t staying long enough to get a local phone, renting a phone is a good short-term option. Renting a phone, if done correctly, can save you money while you spend time abroad.

Step 1

Call your cell phone carrier. If you get your service through a major carrier, chances are it has a rental service and it may be offered at a discount. Although some carriers might be tempted to give you the hard sell and give you an international plan instead of a rental phone, just explain your situation and ask about rental options.

Rent a local cell phone. If you were not able to secure a rental cell phone stateside, you may be able to find a rental phone through a service at your destination. Although this option is generally more expensive than a domestic option, if you are desperate for a cell phone to rent, it is a viable option.

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