Sep 25 2017

How to Get the Best Insurance Rates #elephant #auto #insurance

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How to Get the Best Insurance Rates

In tough economic times, it’s important to get the best insurance rates possible. Auto insurance and, if you own a house, homeowner’s insurance are mandatory, so it makes sense to spend as little as possible for the broadest amount of coverage. Instead of going with the first quote you receive, do some research and shop around to get the best rates for all your policies.

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Maintain good credit. Insurance companies take your FICO score and credit history into consideration when rating policies. They have found that individuals with poor credit tend to file more claims than their good-credit counterparts. Insurance rates for individuals with a poor credit history are higher. If you’re looking to get the best rate, be mindful of your credit score.

Use one carrier. One of the best ways to get a good rate is to purchase various types of insurance from a single insurance company. Doing so can make you eligible for what is called the multi-line discount. For example, placing your automobile and homeowner’s insurance policy with the same carrier will get you a better rate than if you used two separate companies.

Visit your state’s insurance department online. It will list insurance companies licensed in your state and their areas of expertise. If you are looking to insure a home that is near a flood zone, the insurance department will list companies willing to cover such a risk. Finding a company that specializes in certain types of risk improves your chances of getting the best rate available.

Stay loyal to your insurance company. Companies reward their policyholders for sticking with them. Some companies give their policyholders a 3 to 5 percent discount for remaining with them for three to five years, and a higher discount for six years or more.

Talk to an insurance agent. It’s easy to get insurance quotes online, but an insurance agent can tell you about the underwriting process and rating criteria. You can also find out about discounts you would not otherwise know about. For example, some insurance companies offer discounts for retired individuals. Also, not all discounts are accessible via an online quoting system.

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