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How to Get a Delaware Real Estate License #real #estate #properties

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How to Get a Delaware Real Estate License

In order to practice real estate in Delaware, you will need to procure a Delaware Real Estate license. These licenses are governed by the Delaware Real Estate Commission .

General Requirements for a Delaware Real Estate License

  • U.S. Social Security Number or an application for exemption from this requirement
  • Completion of the 99-hour Delaware salesperson’s pre-licensing course
  • Passing scores on both the general and Delaware Law portions of the salesperson’s examination

Note: Delaware maintains reciprocity with all other states. Applicants currently licensed in other states should read more about Delaware licensing requirements .

Delaware Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

Before becoming a Delaware real estate agent, you must first complete a 99-hour pre-licensing course. Classes are available online or in a classroom.

The 99-hour pre-licensing course prepares you to take and pass the state test required for your Delaware real estate license. Upon your completion of the course, the school will provide you with a school certificate indicating you’ve met the education requirement. You will need this certificate to be admitted to the real estate exam.

Requirements for Taking the Delaware Real Estate Exam

You must make a reservation to take the real estate exam. You may register to take the Delaware Real Estate Exam online or by phone at (800) 274-2604. You may make your appointment as early as 24 hours before taking the test. You should have your certificate indicating your completion of the 99-hour pre-licensing course before making your reservation. Payment of the $85 fee must be remitted at the time of making the reservation.

There are various real estate testing sites throughout the state.

Taking the Salesperson Exam

The Delaware real estate examination is given in various testing locations by Pearson Vue. You are required to bring two forms of current identification. One ID must be government issued and bear a photograph and valid signature; the other ID must have a valid signature (e.g. United States Social Security card, debit or credit card). You should arrive to the testing center 30 minutes early to allow for check-in. You may not bring any personal items with you into the test center. You are, however, permitted to bring a calculator. Your calculator may not have contain an alphabetic keyboard, must be silent, hand-held, and non-printing. Cell phone calculators will not be permitted. Scrap paper will be provided for you.

The exam is administered via computer; a tutorial is given before testing begins so that you may familiarize yourself with the commands. You have four hours to complete the exam once you look at the first question. An official score report will be furnished to you before you even leave the test center!

If you don’t pass the exam, you only have to retake the portion you failed as long as you retake it within one year of completing the real estate education.

Real Estate Exam Scoring

A passing score on the real estate examination is 70 points. Because of the varying difficulty of the questions, there is not a passing percentage, 70 is more of a points earned value.

At the completion of the examination, you will receive a “pass” or “fail” official score report. A passing score will not show a numeric score. A failing score will show some diagnostic information to better explain your status.

Obtaining a Delaware Real Estate License

After accomplishing passing scores on both portions of the examination, you must apply for your license. The first step in applying for your Delaware real estate license is completing an Application for Real Estate Salesperson Licensure. If you have ever held a real estate license in another jurisdiction, you must arrange for the Commission office to receive a certificate of licensure history from each jurisdiction. You must also include a copy of your education completion certificate, your original examination score report from Pearson Vue, and $114 ($89 processing fee plus $25 Guaranty Fund fee) payable by check or money order. You must have your application notarized; you can find notaries at banks and local government offices.

Official Resources for Delaware Real Estate License Candidates

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