Apr 28 2017

How to Find a Used Minivan for Sale. #used #suvs #for #sale

#used minivans

How to Find a Used Minivan for Sale

Perhaps you are thinking about buying a used minivan. There a few very important things you should know. Some of the most popular and available used minivans are the Kia minivans, Dodge and Chrysler minivans, and Honda Odyssey. All of these models have received positive reviews and awards over the years of their production.

Depending on your personal needs, there is a nearly unlimited selection of used minivans available from used auto dealers and private individuals. Take an inventory of your needs and how many adults and children will you transport. Will you carry bulky items or pets? What features will you need or want? What is your budget?

Once you have defined your needs you are ready to begin shopping. It is usually not a good decision to buy the first used minivan you see or like. Take time to look at (in person when possible) a few models before you make the final decision. Here are a few sources for finding a used minivan for sale:

  • is an excellent free source for finding used cars for sale by owner. You can search by state, city and model.
  • is a very well known site for both private individuals and commercial dealers to buy and sell. There is a fee to the seller of automobiles on this site. Search by model of vehicle.
  • Sometimes the best deals are many miles away. Think carefully about how you will get your purchase home.
  • Local used vehicle magazines such as Wheels and Deals, Auto Trader or other similar publication are often great local sources.
  • Watch for used minivans parked for sale in your area or at local Park-n-Ride lots. This kind of seller will almost always be flexible on price and you can meet the previous owner.
  • Used auto dealers have overhead and sales persons to support and are often unable to negotiate a lower price than a private seller.

When you find your ideal used minivan, be sure to have an independent inspection done unless you are absolutely comfortable with the seller. In either case, you should consider a good used vehicle extended warranty to protect your investment.

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