Aug 20 2017

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How to Determine When a Domain Name Will Expire

Although many people say, I own xyz.tld (where xyz is the domain, such as apple, and tld is the top level domain, such as com), people don t really own domain names. Instead, they are leased to an individual, business or organization for at least a year, and at most 10 years.

While domain names can be renewed in perpetuity, often times domain names will expire. If you desire a domain name and do not want to approach the owner about buying it from them, you can simply wait for it to expire. But how do you determine when a domain name will expire?

Follow these steps to determine when a domain name will expire:

1. Start a WHOIS Lookup

A WHOIS Lookup can be performed on many different websites, but the easiest place to do a lookup of a domain name is at

Visit to begin the process.

2. Type In The Domain Name of Interest

In the Enter a Domain or IP Address input box, type in the domain name of interest, such as, and press the lookup button.

3. Scroll Down to the Bottom of the Record

At the very bottom of the record, you will see some timeline information for the domain name, such as the date the domain name was created ( Record created on ) and when the domain name is due to expire ( Domain expires on ) should it not be renewed.

As you can see above, the domain name is due to expire on March 14, 2020. if not renewed prior to that date.

If the domain name is renewed prior to the expiration date, or within 30 days thereafter (many registrars allow a grace period), an additional 1+ years is added to the domain name registration. In this case, continue to monitor the domain name using either a free account or account.

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Hi Mike,
I m interested in a domain that looks like it was recently renewed
Created on 2014-05-28
Expires on 2017-05-28
Updated on 2016-06-01
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2016-05-28.

Is this an indication that the domain entered the grace period was auto-renewed on June 1st?
The site content is non-existent for a good while now, I am expecting that the current owner would let it expire. Is this a good time to place a back-order?

If the domain now has an expiration date of 2017, then it was likely renewed by the registrant whether auto-renewed or manually renewed. Not sure it really matters.

I own plenty of domain names that have no site content that I renew year after year.

It s never a bad time to place a backorder. Set it and forget it.

Good luck,

Hi Michael, I have some quick newbie questions. I hope I am posting this in the right place here. I understand that the great benefit to buying expired domain names is that one may find an expired name that is aged, that has helpful backlinks and have many other great characteristics that allow the name to rank higher in google searches. I get why that is beneficial, and I even have a list of all the tools one can use to check the history and stats (whois, alexa, semrush, domaintools, majesticseo etc)

However, does a mediocre, expired domain name hold more value than a good hand registered domain name?

I will definitely try to do due diligence in researching and eventually buying great, expired domain names. However, articles on the internet and even private advice, seem to suggest that many/most/all of the great hand registered names are gone, or I may never be able to find them myself.

As a newbie, should I try to stick mostly to expired names because that s where the money is?

I want a domain name and it expires in a few months do I still have to buy it off the person or when it expires I could use it

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