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How To Design a Real Estate Business Card #real #estate #nyc

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How To Design a Real Estate Business Card

by Ashley Leroux on September 23, 2009

Here s my new business card.  Isn t it pretty!

Let me walk you through the process of how I designed my unique real estate business card.

Step 1) See What Else Is Out There

First thing I did was to google business card ideas realtors .  I browsed around several different sites to get a feel for design ideas and what information realtors were putting on their cards.

There were some templates I liked.  But for the most part, the cards seemed pretty bland and generic.  No thank you!

Step 2) Decide What You Want On The Card

After looking at several designs on several different sites, I knew I wanted to put:

  1. A picture of me.
  2. My contact info.
  3. A catchy tag line.

I also knew that my business card is a very important marketing tool, so I wanted it to be differentiated from the blah templates I was seeing online.  I wanted classy and fun.   To me, that means:

  1. Using a soft blend of blacks, grays, and whites instead of the typical bright, full color card with white background.
  2. Using a black and white fun picture of myself instead of a color photo that looked stuffy and professional.
  3. Blending/bleeding the picture smoothly into the design, instead of a sharp border.
  4. Vertical alignment, instead of horizontal.
  5. Using round corners and wavy-ish lines in the design.
  6. Minimalism *only* the information that was absolutely necessary for the card, instead of crowding the card with my address, etc.

Step 3) Draw a Prototype

Step 4) Find a Printer (Download Their Template)

A friend of mine, Justin Youens. recommended using Overnight Prints since he had good success with them before.  They are good quality, quick turn-around, and cheap.  Perfect for me!

I decided to use Adobe Illustrator to design my real estate business cards.  I found this Adobe Illustrator design template on their site.  It looked like this:

Step 5) Create The Design (Or Outsource it!)

From here, I turned it over to my boyfriend, Patrick, to do the actual the design.  If you don t know how to use Adobe Illustrator, it can be very daunting.  I know it sure was for me.

There are quite a few good online tutorials for Illustrator.  But if you re not feeling it and you just want to get the card done, I recommend launching a design project on where you post the details of what you re looking for (walk through Steps 1 4 and you ll have exactly what you need) and graphic designers post back numerous completed designs.

You pick the winner and you only pay the winner.  It s a brilliant idea and a wonderful resource!

Step 6) Order the Cards + Coupon!

When I placed the order for my cards, I purchased 500 with round corners on premium cardstock for $44.95.  I also bought 25 magnents for $12.95.

Justin reminded me to google overnight print coupons. and I found a code for 10% off.  Sweet!

Shipping and Handling cost $15.99, so the total came to $68.10.  Seems like a good deal to me.  (Btw, the business cards print overnight, but the magnets take 3 days so I m still waiting!)

Bonus Tip 1) Tagline

Patrick and I talked about the tagline a lot.  Fluffy taglines like Service with a smile , or Because finding your dream home shouldn t have to be so hard , or Home is where the heart is are completely ineffective.  They say nothing and are completely glossed over.

Specializing in North Scottsdale real estate on the other hand is concrete.  It says, Hello world, this is what I do and where I do it.

But I m literally brand new to real estate.  And even though I was a mortgage broker for 6 years and I know that business inside and out, there s not much of a claim I can make for real estate yet. 

So we thought, why not use hyperbole and humor?

After all, I love love love to make people laugh!

And any client that chooses me for a listing or purchase is going to have a damn good time, guaranteed.  Thus, the new tagline.

Bonus 2) Tagline Usability Testing

You may have noticed that the prototype had since 1938 , but the final had since 1838.   After showing a couple of friends the 1938 version, I noticed most people were skipping right over that.  I figured it s because most since X statements are 1900s era.  So I cranked it up a notch and changed it to 1838.

This caught people s eye much better.

Bonus 3) Particle Conflict

A classy looking real estate business with hyperbole in the tag line is sure to make prospects do a double-take.  It creates cognitive dissonance.  And that s a good thing!  This concept is also referred to as Particle Conflict.

Bonus 4) Call To Action

I struggled with whether or not include the buying


renting line.  But I felt like it created a subtle call to action.  And any form of advertising that doesn t include a call to action is worthless.

Bonus 5) Double-Check With Someone Who Knows

I almost went to print and would have completely forgotten the Federal Fair Housing logo .  Oops!!  Thankfully, I called my broker, Pro-Formance Realty Concepts. and talked to Rudy who reminded me.  Shew!

Always remember to double-check with someone who knows before you go to print. 

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