Jul 31 2017

How to Decorate a Real Estate Office #roberts #real #estate

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Things You’ll Need

First, find a variety of photographs featuring beautiful local scenery. If you cannot find any, take some yourself. Take the photographs to a local frame shop and have them blown up and printed on canvas in a variety of sizes. Make sure the picture wraps the entire canvas so that a frame is not needed. Balance the photographs throughout the office, making them the visual focal point throughout the office.

Next, get a large map and have it mounted on corkboard. You will use this to flag the location of your company’s real estate listings. Get a package of pushpins in colors that coordinate with your logo–or if you have several agents, get one color per agent. You can flag their individual properties in their own color. This should be mounted in your lobby, and should be viewed as soon as the client walks through the door.

Each office desk should be decorated with a silk floral arrangement and a matching business-cardholder. Each one should have its own theme and color. If you choose a red vase, for example, add yellow daisies to brighten and contrast the red. If men are working in your office, you may want to trade the floral arrangement for a decorate piece, such as an antique football helmet or miniature model bike.

Do not forget seating. Make sure each office and the lobby has comfortable couches and chairs for the customers to enjoy. You want them to feel as if they are at home. Matching throw pillows add a nice touch to any piece of furniture.

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