Jul 14 2017

How to Choose an Auto Paint Shop. #used #honda #civic

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How to Choose an Auto Paint Shop

Auto paint shops charge a great deal of money for their services. Having a professional re-spray on your car is not going to be cheap, so be prepared to budget considerably for that sort of job. There may be quite a few auto body paint shops in your local area, which offers you a larger choice to decide which one is the best.

1 First Steps

The first thing you should do before you take your car for a paint re-spray is to check around on the telephone or Internet for auto paint shops that can offer a broad estimate on the average costs. These should include materials and labor and ought to give you a very close relation to all local prices. Phone around as many shops as you can and get their costs for hourly labor charges. Painting a car is not a fast process and it will be in the shop for up to four or five days. This is not an indication of how many genuine hours of work will be spent on your car, so make sure you get thorough price details for the exact amount of coats you will require, drying times, rubbing down and sanding time and all the other finer details which are incorporated in the price.

These are not always easy to find if you do not know anyone who has used a body shop for a paint re-spray. You can ask a few shops if they have previous customers that are willing to offer a referral or give them a reference. If you do have friends or acquaintances who have had their vehicles re-sprayed, ask them who they went to and find out if they were happy with end results. A friend who has used a car paint shop may be able to point you in the right direction and send you to a place that offers an excellent and prompt service.

Take your car to a few shops and ask to see them working. Watching a spray shop in action will give you a clear idea of their work practices and their abilities. Well established shops should have no problem with you watching them in action and asking as many questions as you need to. Have a list of questions ready, like whether they always use rust inhibiting primers, or if it is a client request. Ask about drying times and if there is a speeding up process. Do some research and find out which questions are pertinent to your situation.

When you have gleaned all the information you can from the various sources that you ve talked to, whittle your list of favorites down to three. When you have the final three, visit each of them with your car and ask them to offer you a quote, rather than an estimate. They should be able to examine your vehicle and tell you within a few dollars how much it will cost. Estimates are okay, but they are unreliable in that they can end up costing more than they say initially. A quote is a quotation of the final price with no hidden charges or last minute findings, and allows you to have the right budget set.

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