May 28 2017

How to check PNB Credit Card statement online? #credit #report #for #free

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How to check PNB Credit Card statement online?

As a nationalized bank of India, the Punjab National Bank offers its range of services from fixed deposit to the credit cards to its customers. Although, the credit cards can be available for use to one and all, PNB has laid down its terms and conditions to apply for the credit cards and get them as per the suitability.  You can apply for the credit cards on the printed forms, available with all the branches of PNB in India.

Let’s see first as to what are the conditions of eligibility to apply for the credit cards for PNB.

Find detailed information on how to apply, eligibility and how to check the PNB Cr Card statement online from your home below:

Eligibility to apply for the Credit Cards

  • You need to have completed at least 10th class in the school.
  • You age need to remain with 21 to 65, in case you want to apply for the primary card and suppose you need to apply for add-on card, your eligibility for age can be 18-65.
  • You need to have a track record of good relationship with PNB for a minimum period of 6 months.

Types of cards

  • Punjab National bank (PNB) gives two types of cards, such as classic card and Gold card.
  • For classic card, your salary must be Rs 1, 00,000 per annum if you are an employee and your annual income has to be Rs 1, 00,000 if you are a businessman, entrepreneur or self-employed professionals.
  • You salary must be more than Rs 2,50,000, if you are a salaried employee and want to apply for Gold card of PNB. Your income should be more than Rs 2, 20,000 per annum, if you are a businessman, professional or self employed and apply for the Gold card.

How to check PNB credit card statement online?

  • A  PNB online credit card statement is a statement of transactions of all the purchases and payments you have made by using your credit card.
  • It is normally sent for a month on your email or the address that you mentioned.
  • The statement indicates about the normal procedure through which your payment is credited your account and the last date of your payment as well. It will also tell you about the fines to be levied when you make payment after the due date.
  • You would need to register your credit card with your details in online here. After clicking on this link, it will take you to the new page where you can register the details online and the form looks like below screen:

  • Enter details with Credit Card Number, Expiry Date, your DOB along with email address and submit the button. Make sure to keep the password in safe place. You are done.

The PNB will send you an email that consist of login details to check your credit card statement, enjoy!!

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