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How to Cancel Equifax Credit Reports

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Cancel Equifax by Phone or Mail

Credit Expert provides a 30 day free trial, and then it charges a monthly amount, if you cancel within the 30 day trial, then no payment should be taken from your bank account. You can cancel and rejoin at any time.

Address. Equifax Ltd, Credit File Advice Centre, PO Box 1140, Bradford. BD1 5US

Contact Telephone Number. 0844 335 0550

Was Equifax right for you?

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  • FREE 30-Day Trial
  • All 3 Bureau Credit Reports
  • 7.99 Per Month (after trial)
  • 7 Free Credit Scores
  • CCJ s, Defaults, Bankruptcy
  • Identity Theft Assistance
  • Customer Support

Things to check before you cancel

If you want to cancel your Equifax membership this is a personal decision, but it depends on your circumstances, reasons to stay with Equifax include:

  • You discover when you sign up there are errors in your credit report. which may take time to resolve, so you need ongoing access to your Equifax credit report to see the changes applied.
  • You have a bad credit rating score. for example a top score is 900, which under Equifax credit rating system is an excellent score, if your score is 349 or less, and is in the poor or very poor section on Equifax scale and you want to improve it. You will need regular access to your credit report to see if it is improving over time.
  • You want to maintain a good credit rating score, and also see how you can improve your credit report further.
  • You intend to apply in the near future. in the current recessionary environment to large loan size products (or other finance products) such as a Mortgage and need your credit rating and report, to be the best it possibly can be, so your application is less likely to be rejected.
  • On-line access to your credit report, which you can access as and when required
  • Alerts via SMS and email, when a change occurs on your credit report (such as a search on your credit file), this also acts as an identity theft protection mechanism, as it will alert if an application is made and a lender does a search of your credit file, and if you did not apply, you know there is potential for identity fraud.
  • Equifax is one of the main credit agencies. so many lenders are likely to use the data they hold to influence lending decisions.
  • Equifax provides pointers on where you can improve your credit score, which is excellent to know where to start.
  • Equifax makes suggestions of credit products that may be suitable for your credit score.
  • Equifax has a dedicated customer care team. to help you with disputes or queries on the contents of your credit report.

It is worth weighing up the options and it depends on your personal circumstances, if you are not applying for credit products in the immediate future for example you can make a call on membership continuation. You could buy your statutory credit report, from any of the credit agencies, but this does not provide with much insight into any issues, and does not provide a credit rating score.

Got a question about cancelling your Equifax credit monitoring membership? Leave a comment below or ask a question in our forum by registering now.

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