May 3 2017

How to Calculate Boat Payments #how #to #get #a #loan #with #no #credit

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Things You’ll Need

Obtain a price quote from the boat dealer for the total cost of the boat. Don’t forget to include all of the incidental costs such as dealer fees, transportation fees, taxes, and other surcharges.

Decide the amount of cash that you will pay as a down payment. The larger the down payment, the less you will have to borrow and the lower your monthly payments.

Communicate with a lender to determine the terms of your boat loan. Find out the interest rate and period over which you will pay back the loan. Online resources, such as’s loan comparison tool, can help you estimate the rate that lenders are likely to charge. The actual terms you receive from a lender may vary based on the type of boat purchased, location, financial situation and credit score.

Visit an online loan calculator, such as Yahoo! Auto’s monthly car loan calculator or’s auto loan calculator, and input the assembled data to determine your monthly boat payments. Enter the boat’s price, your down payment, and interest rate. The calculator will provide you with an estimated monthly payment.

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