Jul 13 2017

How To Buy a Car Online. #honda #auto #parts

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How To Buy a Car Online

How do you buy a car online? Hopefully, the same way you would buy a car from any local dealer. The number one caveat to buying a car, truck, or van, whether new or used, and be it from a local dealer or one on the Internet, is simple negotiate from a position of strength.

Focus on one Thing Only

You do that by focusing on one issue only, and that issue should be price. With the single exception of buying a used car from an individual, car dealers have the advantage when they re dealing with many variables. These variables can be summed up by the old four square that most any dealership employs. In those four squares are: price, monthly payment, financing/down payment, and trade-in. Think you re at an advantage with those four balls in the air? Think again. You can gain your advantage by doing two main things: securing your financing before you buy the car or truck, and trading/selling your trade-in vehicle independent of buying the new one.

Using the Internet

The Internet makes all these things easier to accomplish, because it provides such a rich and ready means to all kinds of data. You can quickly get a very good approximation of your present vehicle s worth. You can likewise easily get several interest rate quotes from financing companies. Remember, in this regard, never to forget the use of credit unions, non-profit financial institutions whose only requirements are that you open a savings account and have decent credit.

Know the Car s History

Another good item to have at your disposal is a car s history report. On anything but a new car, these reports allow you to see how many owners a vehicle has had; the number of accidents, if any; and all other manner of mechanical and maintenance info. Indeed, the ready availability of these free car history reports. be they from Carfax or Autocheck. is invaluable. is an excellent consumer advocate new car buying advice site gives you new car prices, rebates and dealer incentives, negotiating tactics, and industry intelligence on the latest sales figures for your car. It includes sales trend info, and other information that helps you level the car buying field. Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book, the more established price services, are a great place to begin research. Finally, don t don t step onto an auto dealer s lot without knowing how much you can buy a car for from, Yahoo!Autos,, and other web sources. Getting consensus price quotes from these sites can potentially save you thousands.

The Final Purchase

Put your research in a folder and take it to your local dealer. This shows that you ve done your pricing homework. And, of course, if your new car purchase quote from CarsDirect is lower than the new car dealer, buy the car online! No haggling for hours and killing your day in negotiations. Your discounted new car price is listed on screen, you can just hit the buy button, a new car purchase customer service rep is assigned, a toll free number is provided, and in a few days your new vehicle arrives. Your work is done, and you never left your chair.

That s how you buy a car online, by using the vast Internet tools at your disposal to empower you.

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