May 12 2017

How to become a Disney travel agent? #deals #on #flights

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Getting into the the Disney Travel Agent business can be a little tough when you do not have any experience. The first step would be contacting some of the Disney specific travel agencies about employment. Unfortunately, I dot not know of any that are currently hiring those with no experience.

I can however give you some advice of what to avoid and what will be expected of you.

1. Some travel agencies are run much like multilevel marketing schemes. Avoid these agencies. They will want you to pay for training, registration, etc. At that point, they really do not care if you book a single trip as they have made money off of you and anything you book will just be more money for them. I did not pay a dime for my training. A small fee for registering with the agency when you have no experience is legit, but anything else should be a red flag. You will also be expected to list with one of the agencies such as IATA. If you want to do Disney specifically, look for an agency that is Earmarked. It is not an absolute deal breaker if they are not, but Disney does not give Earmarked status to just anyone and it will let you know that the agency is serious about booking Disney.

2. There needs to be a support system in place and open communication between agents. Don t work for an agency that is just going to sign you up and then throw you to the wolves. You can never know everything about Disney. There is simply too much and it constantly changes. I can honestly say that I know a good bit about traveling with Disney. I work with a number of other agents that make me look like a bumbling idiot and all of us regularly ask questions of each other. Without that support system in place I would have been lost.

3. Your organizational skills must be excellent. Once you get going you will be keeping track of dozens of clients trips, all of which will have different wants and needs. They are depending on you to take all of the hassle out of traveling. When a promotion drops you need to be ready at a moments notice to start re-booking clients. You will need to keep track of all of the important dates such as payments, dining, etc and when they have questions you need to answer accurately and quickly. A missed date can mean the automatic cancellation of a Disney cruise. That is not a phone call that you will want to make.

4. Be prepared for a huge knowledge shock. When I started as a TA I thought I knew a lot about Disney. What I quickly found out was I knew a lot about how I did Disney. To be a good TA you need to know how everyone does Disney. This means a lot of reading about elements of a Disney vacation that you have no interest in. If a client wants to go golfing, you need to know what options they have even if you have never hit a golf ball in your life.

5. Being a Disney TA is enjoyable, but it is a job. There are a lot of late nights, early mornings and clients that make you crazy.

6. Good communication skills are essential. You must be pleasant, clear, concise and helpful. Much of your communication will be via email. The written word does not transmit tone all that well. Be prepared to proof read everything you send out to make sure you do not write anything that will upset a client.

If you have some specific questions feel free to ask.

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