May 29 2017

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How to BEAT PRICELINE Bidding for Cheap Plane Tickets

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Until recently, I thought I was stuck with the airline ticket prices I was given. I hadn t thought of bidding for a plane ticket before. I imagined that if I did bid, I would be rerouted seven stops through Tanzania on my way from Oklahoma to Kansas. It turns out bidding for tickets wasn t as crazy or scary as I thought.

Priceline s Name Your Own Price Tool for tickets is best when:

  • You have to fly soon such as within two weeks.
  • You know the current market price of the ticket you want.
  • You have some flexibility on when you fly.

The good part is, as you ll see from our video, you re in control of deciding how much flexibility Priceline has when booking your ticket. If you only want to travel on a specific day and have one connection that s fine. That s up to you. If you want to give Priceline more options for finding a cheap ticket, you can add in more days, airports, or connections. However, we do have a specific strategy for getting a good deal and getting an acceptable trip.

Want to get a good deal?

Here s how to bid for plane tickets on Priceline:

  1. Look up the market price on the ticket.
  2. Go to Priceline s Name Your Own Price Page
  3. Start bidding a few days before you need to have the ticket. (This way you have time to rebid)
  4. Choose one departure airport and one arrival airport.
  5. Keep the default set at only  jet planes and only one connection.
  6. Bid below what you would be willing to pay for a ticket. Note: You must enter credit card info before you bid, so when you bid, you buy the ticket. There s no turning back, so make sure you want to make the trip before you bid.
  7. If Priceline does not accept your bid, it will likely give you a counter-offer. If you don t like the counter-offer, go to the next step and bid again.
  8. When immediately re-bidding, you must make one change on your trip. You can either add an airport, add more possible connections, add possible days, or choose to fly on non-jet planes (we don t do this one).  Only change ONE.
  9. Re-bid a slightly higher price.
  10. Continue this process until a bid is accepted or until you don t like the options given.
  11. If you don t successfully bid, you will be able to start the bidding process over again in a day.

Will this process always get you a steal? Not necessarily. That depends on how full airline capacity is for that time period. Some of our friends have saved 40% using this method, some have saved only 5-10%. But I ve never seen it not save something. If you have some flexibility in travel and a sense of adventure, go for it!

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